For finding a bug in Microsoft’s platform, a 20-year-old girl has received more than 30 thousand dollars, i.e., about 22 lakh rupees. Aditi Singh, who won a Microsoft Azure bug bounty of $30,000, is a self-learned cybersecurity analyst, and this is the biggest reward of her life. Her family members are also pleased with Aditi’s winning this award.

Aditi found an RCE (Remote Code Execution) bug in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform that could seriously affect security. However, not much information has been revealed about this bug yet.

Bug bounty hunting has become a trending career option for many aspiring techies in India. But Aditi’s story is different from this and is going to impress. Like other children, Aditi enrolled in a private institute in Kota after 10th to prepare for IIT and medical. But later, she came to know that she would not be able to pass these exams.

According to GazetteNow of Times of India, she has been doing bug bounty hunting for the last year. After completing his schooling, he enrolled in the BCA degree course at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and started working as a Cyber ​​Security Analyst at MapMyIndia. He said that he learned Javascript, MySQL, and other programming languages ​​by searching Google and watching videos on YouTube. She was also interested in bug bounties and learned how to report them. It took a total of a year for Aditi to learn all this.

Won 22 lakh Reward 20 Year old girl found bug in Microsoft's Cloud Based Platform

Aditi said that she got the job of cybersecurity analyst as soon as she finished school on her hard work. After seeing many platforms, he saw some possibilities in MapMyIndia, and without talking to them, he got a job without a graduation degree.

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He said that a computer science degree is not required to learn programming and cybersecurity. There are many available resources, and there is no need to be from IIT for a bug bounty. If anyone wants to learn about ethical hacking, he can search things on the internet, start with Javascript or Python, and later do a certificate course on ethical hacking.


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