This year is going to be unmatched for 5G. The market is full of smartphones supporting 5G networks, which are available in every budget. In India too, 5G trials have been approved and telecomes companies along with some tech brands will also conduct successful 5G trials in the country in the coming weeks. But do you know that while India is ready to welcome 5G, many countries of the world have moved towards 6G after using 5G.

6G is being said to be so powerful that to get it, there is some kind of competition among the powerful nations of the world as if no internet technology but a new weapon is being made.

6G Preparation

5G is undoubtedly finding its way in India but it has completely made its way in many countries of the world. People are using 5G in many European countries including China, Japan, Korea, America and Australia. While the second decade of the 21st century has been in the name of 5G development, the third decade will be known for 6G development. Many countries have started work towards building 6G, in which the names of countries like Japan, China, South Korea, America and Finland are emerging. From research and development centers to new equipment and engineers, these countries have started investing.

6G is coming soon, some countries and brands are working on it.

6G technology coming soon

Let us tell you that all these nations want to bring 6Gtechnology to themselves before other countries. In these countries, there is a competition to get 6G first and for this work has been started not only on earth but also in space. If reports are to be believed, some countries have also modified their satellites for 6G connectivity and new satellites can also be launched in space if needed. The power of 6G can be gauged from the fact that the most powerful countries in the world do not want this technology to reach any other government before them.

These brands will bring 6Gtechnology

Recently, there was news that the giant American company Apple has posted a job listing in which the company has started recruiting engineers to work on ‘Next Generation Radio’. This next generation radio is being called 6G only. Earlier, South Korean company Samsung had also started R & D center to work on 6G in its country. Another Korean company LG is also very active in the field of 6Gtechnology.

Talking about the Chinese company Huawei, of course, it has had to face a lot of hurdles due to the former Trump government, but it is true that the Huawei company has achieved a lot of success on 6Gtechnology.

What will be the power of 6G

If you say that the internet speed will be very high in 6G and big videos will be downloaded in a blink, then tell that all this will happen but 6G will not only bring faster internet but it will bring much wider technology. 6G will not only make mobile phones but also make common life advance and fast. In 6G, a new form of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be seen, which will emerge as an important part of the normal routine.

6G technology coming soon

Along with communication, 6Gtechnologywill become a big revolution in the field of intelligence and IOT (Internet of Things). It can also be believed that after the arrival of 6G, the trend of robots can also be made public. Just as smart home appliances such as fridges, lights, fans, CCTV, speakers, etc., are becoming a part of the home today, apart from smartphones and smart TVs, 6Gtechnology can also make robots a part of normal life.

Experts working in this field believe that by the year 2030, 6Gtechnology will be fully occupied in the world.

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