This month earlier, the tech giant Google announced some new plans for the android developers. So they can use Android App Bundles (AAB) for publishing new Android app on Google Play Store. Now here the news is that Amazon has also introduced this AAB support in its Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore to Support Android App Bundles

But here twist is that just like Google Amazon is not in the mood to force the developers for the Android App Bundle format. But here they have also mentioned it will be a completely optional thing. Instead, the APK format to use for uploading on App Store will continue.

Also Amazon has clearly said that you will not see any changes in app submission process. You will be getting the same steps while uploading your apps on appstore even if it APK or AAB. Amazon Appstore to Support Android App Bundles and APKs both clearly said by the tech giant. Suppose older app is already there on appstore then it doesn’t need to resubmit them again.

Here one important thing to note that for the Android developers that they don’t have to share the signing key while submitting the App bundles with Amazon. Amazon has wriiten these all statement in its blog saying that you can continue wi th sign App bundles just like the way for APK.

Also this is not yet cleared that when Amazon will start this service on appstore, but they have assured for some good new later this year. So for Amazon Appstore, it is become neccessary to support the Android App Bundles. Because now Microsoft has also announced about the support of Android apps in windows 11 with their Microsoft Store. You can check more windows 11 related articles here.

If you are also one of them who even doesn’t have idea about What is Android App Bundles then make sure to read our article.


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