What makes iPhone and Android different is the operating system of those mobile phones. Android is manufactured by Google and the company upgrades it every year. Like every year, this year also a new Android OS is coming in the form of Android 12.

Developer Preview of Android 12 ie Android 12 DP1 has been introduced by Google, which has also become available on Google’s Pixel phones. In the coming days, this OS will be completely phone ready and will be released for all mobile phones.

It is being told about Android 12 that the company can bring this Operating System (OS) to the market with the name Snow Cone. This new Android operating system is going to bring a lot of new features which will be more advanced than before, let’s see what will be special in the new Android 12.

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Android 12 is coming with exciting features, know the details

New Features of Android 12 Snow Cone

Rotation will happen according to the face

It might sound a bit strange to read but it may be true in Android 12. Till now, the option of auto rotation was given to change the angle of the phone screen, which had to be turned on or off. But in Snow Cone, this angle of the phone display will be rotated just by rotating the face.

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According to the informations and some reports, many new things will be added in the phone rotation setting. According to the body posture of the user, the phone screen will be converted into horizontal or vertical mode. This will be the second unmatched technology related to the front camera after the Face Unlock feature.

Android 12 is coming with exciting features, know the details

AVIF image support

Those who have not heard the name of AVEImagefile, let them know that this is a new technology of media file which saves image files in sharp and better quality but on the contrary its size is smaller than JPEG. That is, high quality photos occupying less space.

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In Snow Cone, this support will also be available in the phone. With the advent of this feature, more and more photos can be saved in the phone without worrying about the photo size.

Media Transcoding

Like photo files, accessing video files will also become much easier in Android 12. The new Android operating system will automatically transcode HEVC and HDR10 and HDR10+ videos to AVC format. Due to this format, the recorded videos in the phone can be viewed and played in any software or application.

Let us tell you that in the coming times, new technology will come into play in image and video file formats, which will provide better quality while taking less space.


To make connectivity easier in Android 12, many special features are going to be included. A new feature name ‘Nearby’ button will be added to these features list. Thanks to this button, the active WiFi connection in one phone can be shared with other mobile phones with just a single tap.

Data sharing will be easy in Snow Cone. Apart from this, fingerprint access will also be available in Android 12, in which options like screenshot, text, emoji and stickers can be easily accessed.

Special Gaming Mode

For the users who are fond of playing games in mobile phones, Google has sent its new Android OS by making it special. Updated gaming mode will be seen in Android 12.

According to the media reports, while playing the game in this gaming mode, the user will be able to control the notifications, phone screen brightness and sound control without any interruption in the game. It can be said that the features coming in expensive gaming phones will now be seen in every Android smartphone.

Security Privacy

Apple is often called the best in terms of data security and privacy. But now Android smartphones are also proving themselves better in this field.

In Snow Cone, many new features will also be seen on security and privacy. Google is also bringing modes like Permission Dialog Change, Data Transparency and Privacy Control for data safety of mobile users in Android 12 as well as new security layers can be seen in Android 12 for third party apps as well.

Apart from these, the following features and updates will be seen in Android 12:

  1. Audio-Coupled Haptic Effect
  2. Rounded corner APIs
  3. Picture in Picture Improvement (PiP)
  4. Immersive mode improvement for gesture navigation
  5. Rich content insertion
  6. MediaDrm updates
  7. Hide app overlay windows
  8. Device properties attestation
  9. protection flag
  10. Secure lock screen notification actions
  11. NAN enhancements
  12. Companion apps awake
  13. Bandwidth estimation improvements


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