BA Full Form: Everything you need to know About BA? What is the full form of BA, And what is the BA, Everything you need to know about BA, all such You will get the answers to the questions in this article.

BA Full Form

The BA full form is Bachelor of Arts. BA is an undergraduate degree that refers to an undergraduate course of study. BA course is done after 12th, students who do 12th take admission in BA, BA course is of 3 years. After the BA course, you can do various courses.

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Duration of BA

BA degree is one of the oldest and most famous degrees in the world. It is popularly known as B.A. An acronym for Arts Degree. A degree holder in Art is simply known as a Bachelor of Art / Arts. BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree course generally lasts for 3 to 4 years depending on each country. The duration of a BA degree in India is 3 years (Almost in every institute).

BA Full Form: Everything you need to know About BA

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A person obtaining a BA Bachelor of Arts degree needs to study the arts subjects. One can opt for a combination of subjects depending on the availability of options in different institutes. Arts students have the option to choose between a major and minor in English, French, any other linguistics course, psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, religious studies, and many more. The curriculum covers all the relevant topics for the field and gives rigorous training to the students.

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In this, the students go through a well-defined study program for their all-around development. It is generally considered to be the easiest stream according to the larger population and is generally seen as compared to science and engineering streams. The reason behind this is that a person graduating in Arts holds a degree in general non-scientific topics. But the value of an Arts degree can be gauged from the fact that it offers more chances of employment opportunities than any other stream.

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Students pursuing BA degrees are not limited to their specific fields, their scope of specialization is huge. With regard to previous academic background and the student’s personal preference and ability towards a specific program, suitable employment exists for almost every candidate for this degree. Although it is a full-time degree course, it can also be pursued through distance learning.

BA Full Form: Everything you need to know About BA

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BA Qualification for Degree

BA For the degree (10+2) passed students can apply. One can opt for a BA examination from a recognized education board with respective streams.

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BA Subjects

In BA Course, the student is required to choose the subjects. BA Subjects usually include English, Mathematics, Sociology, Geography, Education, Economics, History, Philosophy, Home Science and Social Work, etc. The subjects are-

  1. Hindi
  2. German
  3. english
  4. French
  5. History
  6. Education
  7. Economics
  8. Geography
  9. Sanskrit
  10. Sociology
  11. Literature
  12. Archaeology
  13. Anthropology
  14. Philosophy
  15. Psychology
  16. Mathematics
  17. Library Science
  18. Political Science
  19. Public Administration

Sectors of Employment after BA Course

After successful completion of a BA degree can make your career in various fields. They can become an economist, historian, archaeologist, educationist, philosopher, political scientist, personnel manager, social worker, public relations executive, psychologist, sociologist, philosopher, journalist, etc. Jobs Fileds are –

  • Banks
  • Police
  • Tourism
  • Law Firms
  • Management
  • News Media
  • Public Works
  • Lobbying Firms
  • Consultancies
  • Business Houses
  • Fire Department
  • Export Companies
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Industrial Houses
  • Publishing Firms
  • Field Research Firms
  • Economic Development
  • Municipal Planning
  • Educational Institutes
  • Financial Organizations
  • Multinational Companies
  • Political Organizations
  • Marketing Research Firms
BA Full Form: Everything you need to know About BA

Job Profile after BA Course

  1. Pollster
  2. Social Worker
  3. Policy Analyst
  4. Finance Managers
  5. Lobbyist/Organizer
  6. Management Analyst
  7. Marketing Managers
  8. Administrative Officer
  9. Business Administrator
  10. Business Consultants
  11. Political Commentator
  12. Production Managers
  13. Human Resource Managers
  14. Public Opinion Analyst
  15. Political Correspondent
  16. Management Accountants
  17. Information Systems Managers
  18. Business Management Researcher
  19. Business Management Professor
  20. Public Affairs Research Analyst
  21. Personal Management Specialist
  22. Research and Development Managers
  23. Labor Management Relations Specialist

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