WhatsApp is continuously working on new features for its users. Like we have seen in the last week about choosing video quality before sending feature. As per the new report from WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, WhatsApp can release the same one for the images too.

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Send Images in Best Quality

In WhatsApp beta version, WABetaInfo has notified a new photo upload quality setting. If we talk about these reports, WhatsApp will provide the types of settings for image quality. These settings will be Auto, Best and Data Saver. Also, WhatsApp has notified its users that the best quality feature will take a longer time to send. So let’s start the journey for the Best Quality Image Send via WhatsApp feature.

Best Quality Image Send via WhatsApp

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Suppose you choose the auto option from the app then it will depend on your network speed to send your photos in quality. You have also an option to send your photos in a compressed version with Data Saver mode. And if you think you have always a good internet speed every time then you can choose the Best Quality from settings.

So if we think about the best quality option for this WhatsApp feature. Will it be like We can now finally stop sending files images via the uncompressed method on WhatsApp. But here before going to any conclusion, we need to test that feature for sure. For the timing, we can use the old method of WhatsApp sending images in an uncompressed way. And wait for that feature to be rolled out by WhatsApp.

At this time, when I am writing this Best Quality Image Send via WhatsApp article. This feature is not even available for beta testing for beta users. So once it will be available in beta we will have a separate article about sending the best quality image send via WhatsApp.


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