BGMI Update 1.5: Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) has been launched in India. With the launch, a lot of crazes are being seen about the game. With the intention of making this craze more exciting, the company is coming with the July update of BGMI, due to which the experience of playing Battleground Mobile India (BGMI Update 1.5) is going to be a lot of fun.

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The company will soon support new lethal weapons, high-speed vehicles, and powerful features in the BGMI game. These changes have been reported by Krafton from the official YouTube channel (Game Developer). Information about these changes has been shared on BGMI’s YouTube.

What’s new in the BGMI Update 1.5

  1. MG3 Light Machine Gun (LMG)
  2. Deadly Grenades or Molotovs
  3. New Ignition Mode

M249 LMG will be replaced by a new MG3 light machine gun in BGMI Update 1.5

In the new BGMI Update 1.5, the M249 LMG will be replaced by a new MG3 light machine gun (MG3 LM Gun). The new MG3 light machine gun will have only one scope attachment slot. But Good thing is, it will get two rates of fire modes and players will be able to select 660rpm and 990rpm fire rates with 7.62mm ammo.

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BGMI Update 1.5: check what's new in the update

New Grenade in BGMI Update 1.5

A new grenade will be added to the game, with the option to throw it at a certain trajectory slot/slots. The Players will be able to throw the grenade by selecting it.

Ignition mode in BGMI Update 1.5

Mission Ignition mode will be available in the Erangel map, which will come with 6 new high-tech zones. The Players will get the auto-drop feature to reach their location on the BGMI map. The map will have a hyperline train system. In this, the stations will be present on the BGMI map.

BGMI Update 1.5: check what's new in the update

New Gun called ASM Abakan

There will be a new gun called ASM Abakan, which will come with 5.56 ammo. A new thing will be a Patrol Dog, which will be activated at certain locations and will mark some basic and high-end items.

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BGMI Update 1.5: check what's new in the update

Two Person Vehicle

The game will feature a two-person vehicle, which will be known as the G-38 gravity-free motorcycle. It will be only available during mission ignition mode. It can be used on both land and water.
There will be a new challenge points system, where points will be deducted for careless gameplay.

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