The heartiest India-based audio accessories brand Boat started product expansion in various electronics categories in 2016. Last year, this electronic company launched its first smartwatch. And trying to enter the segment of gaming-related accessories. Now here, Boat has introduced Immortal 1000D gaming headphones in India today.

Boat Immortal 1000D Gaming Headphones Launched

This is a premium gaming headphone that supports a dual microphone, high-fidelity audio and extra gaming-centric features. Now it is clear from the company side that the product will be the latest audio accessory for casual and professional gamers.

Boat Immortal 1000D: Design and Specs

So if we talk about the design of the Boat Immortal 1000D Gaming Headphones it will give a feel of a premium quality product. They provide a pair of over-the-ear featuring headphones with a padded headband and cushioned earcups. And this why so that pro gamers can use the Immortal 1000D in long-lasting hours during gaming sessions.

Boat Immortal 1000D Gaming

Now it’s time to talk about internal engineering, so this headphone came up with 50mm drivers that will give you an experience of 360-degree audio. You will also see it with Surround Audio technology with 7.1 Channel support, specially developed by the in house Boat Plugin Labz. Further, it also supports Dolby Atmos to deliver an immersive audio experience to users, even if they are listening to music, gaming or watching movies.

Also while playing games, you can get distortion-free and seamless communication features due to its dual-mic system. Boat Immortal 1000D Gaming comes with RGB integrated LEDs to fulfil your gaming setup and experience.

Rather than this feature, you are also getting a remote control by which you can easily control the lighting, mic. They also provide a detachable mic that can easily attach with a 3.5mm audio jack. Users can connect the accessory using the 1.8m USB cord.

The boat company has launched this product in two different colour variants. Here the first one comes with pink accents white-coloured model and the second one red accents black-coloured model.

Price and Availability

The Boat Immortal 1000D is priced at Rs 2,499 in India. It is currently available to buy on Amazon and Boat’s official website. So, if you are in the market for a pair of high-end yet budget-focused gaming headphones, the Boat Immortal 1000D might be a great addition to your setup.


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