Difference between Technology and Science: Mobile phones, TVs, computers, internet, ovens, fridges, washing machines, water-removing motors, motorcycles, ships, trains, buses, means of transport, everything has become possible with the help of modern technology.

With the help of new types of medicines, medical devices, now it has become possible to treat complex diseases. In this way, we can say that in today’s time our life is not possible without modern technology.

What is Science? (Definition of Science)

In simple words, the systematic study of nature is called science. That is, the definition of science is as follows- Science is the systematic or confirmed knowledge that comes from thought, observation, study, and experiment Whose scientific method has been considered as the real test of knowledge.

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Examples of Technology and Science

What is Technology? (Definition of Technology)

Technology is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods (Products) or services (Assistance) or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.

Technology means in simple words that by using which any work is made easy or convenient, it is called technology.

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Technology With Science

All the improvements we have seen in our daily lives are only due to the development of science and technology. For the proper development and growth of the country, it is very necessary to go hand in hand with both things.

Examples of Technology and Science

Villages are now developing in the form of towns and towns in the form of cities and thus there has been a lot of development in the areas of the economy as well. Due to both, countries are developing so fast in today’s time.

The subject of Debate: Technology and Science

Both become the subject of debate in society. On one hand, it is necessary for modern life, where our countries are making continuous development in the field of both, on the other hand, it becomes necessary for other countries that they are also equally powerful for future security.

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And continue to make scientific development in order to be well developed. It is the effect of both that has helped other weak countries to develop and become powerful.

Examples of Technology and Science

Role in Daily Life

For the betterment of humanity and for the betterment of life, we always have to take the help of both things. If we do not take the help of technologies; Like- computers, the internet, electricity, etc., we will never be financially strong in the future and will always remain backward, even without it we cannot survive in today’s competitive and technological world.

Examples of Technology and Science

Examples of Science and Technologies are medicine, education, economy, sports, jobs, tourism, etc. All these types of advancement show us that, how both are equally essential for our life. We can clearly see the difference in our lifestyle by comparing the ways of life of ancient times and the ways of life of modern times.

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A high level of scientific and technological advancement in the field of medicine has simplified the treatment of many dangerous diseases which was not possible earlier. Technology has helped physicians effectively in treating diseases through medicines and operations, as well as in the research of vaccines for serious diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, paralysis, etc. is.

News on Technology and Science

Most of the world wants to update with both. And that’s why this topic is trending day by day in the World. There are so many blogs like Global Khabari that give you knowledge about Technology and Science.

Examples of Technology and Science

Difference Between Science and Technology

  1. Science is a method of acquiring knowledge on a particular subject through observation and experiments whereas technology is the approach to the practical application of scientific knowledge for various purposes.
  2. Science is the process of discovering new knowledge whereas technology uses the laws of science to create new products.
  3. Science is completely useful for us, while technology is beneficial but in some places, its harmful forms are also seen.
  4. Changes cannot be made in science while technology changes continuously.
  5. Science is based on discovery whereas technology is based on the invention.
  6. Science is the study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical worlds to form complexes while technology is concerned with putting those complexes into practice.
  7. Science is used to make predictions whereas technology simplifies the work and fulfills the needs of the people.

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