Features of Windows 11: I am going to tell you the new exciting features of Windows 11 and the features which are going to tell you, it may change going forward.

Now let’s Talk About the Features of Windows 11

  1. New Start Menu & Taskbar
  2. Arrow Effects
  3. New Windows Terminal
  4. Multitasking
  5. New Icon Pack
  6. Rounded Corners
  7. Widgets
  8. Fresh New Sounds
  9. Virtual Desktop
  10. Touch Control
  11. Refreshed Action Center
  12. Dark Mode

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Features of Windows 11: New Start Menu & Taskbar

Let’s talk about the first feature that when you install Windows on your PC, what are the things that you will get to see first and that is our Taskbar and Start menu.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

In the taskbar, you can see that what used to be our icon, now you get to see it in the middle, and now you can see the start menu that we get to see the start menu with a recent user interface which is quite nice And if I am from the computer stand, then the Windows Ten player who used to consume more RAM of the Start menu also because it had live tiles inside and you do not get to see in Windows 11.

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Change the Task Bar Alignment

Some people who are getting to see the icons in the middle did not like them, so here too Microsoft took care of it, you simply have to go to the windows 11 settings, Here you get to see an option above which is called TaskBar Alignment. Simply click on the drop-down menu & select the left option and here your icon will be on the left of the save or you can choose your icon alignment as yours wish.

Features of Windows 11: Arrow Effects

Do you know that what you used to see the Arrow Glass Effect in windows old operating Systems in Windows Vista and Windows Ten was not what we wanted but here Microsoft has brought back the same thing that is the Arrow Glass in Windows Vista and Windows 10.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

We used to get to see the same thing, now we will get to see in Windows 11, and not only this, but you also get to see many different animations in Windows 11, as soon as I get to see very nice animation. In which there is a blur effect of glass in the backside and it matches with the wallpaper, then it is a very cool effect and you will soon see it in Windows 11 when Microsoft will release it stable for Windows 10 users.

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Features of Windows 11: New Windows Terminal

About the third feature of Windows 11, In this, you get a pre-installed Windows terminal, which was not in Windows Stand. If you right-click on the desktop, then you get to see the option of an open in Windows terminal, and here you have a program that is in PowerShell but does not have a power style. In this, you will get to see three different programs as PowerShell Command Promote and Cloud Shell.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

Here you have to click on the space icon and whatever you want to open new. You just have to click on it. Meaning that in Windows 11 you can run three applications in the same program.

Features of Windows 11: Multitasking

Now let’s talk about the fourth feature of Windows 11, the feature that was there in Windows Ten as well but was not as advanced. I am talking about multitasking. If you will move the mouse cursor on the button of Maxima, then here you will get to see an option where the feature of multitasking is installed where it was not in Windows 10.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

You can see how much advanced this operating system (Windows ) has become, you simply have to select any side & it will come in that side for the programs, that is, if you want, you can run four programs simultaneously for multitasking. Either to two programs. So it totally depends on you, but with these things are coming, the work of many people will become smoother and easier.

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Features of Windows 11: New Icon Pack

This thing is nothing new about the fifth feature of Windows 11, I am talking about Windows Icons. Although Microsoft has been changing the icons in each of its editions of Windows Operating Systems, such as Windows Nighty at Windows XP Seven Vista and At and At Point One Time, talking about the same icon in it, but now we have a new fresh in Windows 11.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

The icon will be visible. For example, We can see the folders of documents, downloads, and pictures. Meaning that we would get a whole new icon or set in Windows 11.

Features of Windows 11: Rounded Corners

In Windows 11, your name gets to see the red corner, which to date Microsoft has not implemented in any Windows and it is possible that Microsoft has made you open any explorer or anyone in Windows 11, then this insistence will give you Will be seen in every application.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

I get to see a small change from Microsoft, but this thing matches the wallpaper, and let me tell you one more thing here that this same thing means you will see in Apple’s Marcos Innocent operating system.

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Features of Windows 11: Widgets

Features including Windows 11: only and this feature is attached to Windows Vista. Here if you see an icon in it, here you will see a new icon of one of these widgets, in which we can see the weather as soon as you click.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

If you are interested in the stock market, you can read the latest news and updates, then this thing is typed in window detail and all these things will not be seen in Windows 7 Windows at option. I was also not there, but in the new update of the window stand that has just come, you will get to see this option on the right side of it.

Features of Windows 11: Fresh New Sounds

A new feature that Microsoft also changes in every edition of Windows OS. I speak to you and the kind of Sound. If a Windows USB driver is installed on your PC, then as soon as you plug the USB, then the sound you get to see has changed. Now just do this trick. Microsoft has changed all the sounds in Windows 11.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

Features of Windows 11: Virtual Desktop

The company has also made a lot of changes in the virtual desktop mode, in Windows 11 OS you simply have to move the taskbar here and click on the task view, and here you can create a new virtual one.

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Although Microsoft introduced it in Windows 10 as well, in Windows 11 you get to see more changes, but if you go to any virtual shop and right-click, you can change the wallpaper of that promise and so on.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

Like if you are using tablet video then you have to only swipe right from the same tab and hence can switch to virtual mode. Well, now here we talk about the touch control of the tablet, so let me tell you that in Windows 11 you will get to see a lot of improvements.

Features of Windows 11: Touch Control

In this way, the touch control of a Windows OS stand on the chat window stand was a bit applicable if we compare it to the touch control of iPad or Android, and Microsoft has added another new feature for touch control users. If you talk to anyone on your Messenger, then you can send him gift images, and this feature is not in earlier versions, Microsoft has just implemented it.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

Features of Windows 11: Refreshed Action Center

Now let’s talk about the vendor’s label feature. If you go and open it, then here you will get to see the button, you will get to see the option of the round corner and if you keep it in Windows OS, then there is a box button.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

You will notice that the slider button here. Quite a small improvement but these things give you a huge improvement in the end.

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Features of Windows 11: Dark Mode

Here we can say that we also had the option to switch to dark mode, but even if you switch to the dark mode in Windows 10, then the feel of greatness means that it is not fully compatible with apps but Microsoft has given this Thought too and showed it as an improvement.

Do you know the 12 Exciting Features of Windows 11?

Now I may have missed some features of Windows 11, then you can tell me that thing by commenting.

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