A South Korean Monitoring Agency on Personal Information Protection on Wednesday fined major overseas platform service providers about 6.7 billion won (US$5.7 million) for privacy violations. The Personal Information Protection Commission fined Facebook, Netflix, and Google and ordered them to fix the problems after an investigation.

According to the Yonhap news agency report, Facebook has been fined the heaviest of 6.46 billion won (about Rs 41 crore). The commission said the US-based social network service provider created and stored face recognition templates for 200,000 local users without permission between April 2018 and September 2019. This is the second-largest fine from the fine committee on Facebook.

Facebook and Netflix Fined for Privacy Violation

Demand for a criminal investigation against Facebook

In November 2020, the committee ordered Facebook to pay Won 6.7 billion and called for a criminal investigation for giving users’ details to other operators without their permission. Facebook has been accused of illegally collecting people’s residential registration numbers and not notifying changes about its personal information management.

Netflix will have to pay such a fine

Netflix was ordered to pay more than 220 million won in fines for collecting personal details of five million people without their permission before their service registration process was complete. The content streaming giant has also been held responsible for not disclosing the details of personal data transfer outside the country.

Correction order was given to Google

Google was not fined but was recommended by the commission to improve its handling of personal details. The company said that Google’s legal notice on collecting personal information is unclear.

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