Facebook has banned several Russian accounts that were sharing links with the Russian disinfection network. In these Linux, it was claimed that the Kovid-19 vaccines prepared by Pfizer and AstraZeneca could turn people into chimpanzees. The network started in Russia, mainly targeting India, Latin America, and America.

In its report released on Tuesday, the social media giant said that Facebook’s investigation found that the anti-Kovid vaccine campaign is linked to ‘Faz.’ FaZe is a subsidiary of a UK-registered marketing firm, which operated primarily from Russia. Ben Nimmo, Global IO Threat Intelligence Lead and Facebook IO Threat Intelligence Team, said in the report, “We removed 65 Facebook accounts, and 243 Instagram accounts for violating our policy against foreign interference, coordinated on behalf of a foreign entity. Unauthentic behavior happened.

Facebook bans more than 100 websites giving false information about the corona vaccine

Ben Nimmo said the network operates on more than a dozen platforms but failed to generate an audience. In our investigation, it was found that there was a connection between this campaign and Faiz. Faiz is now banned from our platform. Both the steps coincide with when several governments, including Latin America, India, and the US, discussed emergency authority for these appropriate vaccines.

10,000 deceptive posts posted on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s investigation has revealed that misleading articles and petitions have been created on many platforms. Using simple spammy strategies, it used fake accounts on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to seed further off-platform content. Facebook said that between December 14 and December 21, there were about 10,000 posts, including hashtags of the operation, that often contained links to off-platform articles of the operation.

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Fake accounts were used in the campaign, some of which say Facebook may have originated from account forms in Bangladesh and Pakistan.


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