Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?

GIFs are used more on social sites in today's time. GIFs are also used more in memes on social sites. Apart from this, GIFs are also used in messaging apps and blogs, etc.

Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?

Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?: GIFs make a huge contribution to the memes World. Especially when we are chatting with someone on social sites, We definitely use GIFs because there are some feelings that we are not able to express through the words.

Do you know what is GIF Full Form is and what is It? If not, then don’t worry, read this article completely from beginning to end. We have tried our best to answer all the questions related to GIF in this post.

GIF Full Form – What is the full form of GIF?

The GIF Full Form is “Graphics Interchange Format”.

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What is GIF?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. The GIF is a lossless file format used for image files that support both animated and static images/pictures.

Graphics Interchange Format supports only 256 colors. “.gif” extension is used for GIFs format.

GIFs are used more on social sites in today’s time. GIFs are also used more in memes on social sites. Apart from this, GIFs are also used in messaging apps and blogs, etc.

How GIF Works | Why is GIF format animated?

Due to the support of more than one Image Layers in GIFs format, an image can be animate like a short video.

GIFs format supports only 256 colors. Because only 256 colors are supported in this, the size of each image layer does not increase much and due to this many layers can be shown at the same time, due to which GIFs are animated.

Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?

The Replay GIF

Replay GIFs are not just limited to entertainment. These types of GIFs can be used by marketers to share their current company news and to associate events with their business.

The Reaction GIF

Reaction GIFs are commonly used to enhance whatever comments the user makes. This looping image represents what the user is feeling or trying to convey at that moment.

The Cinemagraph

Cinemagraph is a black-tie GIF. It’s more formal than other GIF. It is a short animation hybrid. The moving picture in this GIF does not play in a loop. That is, the same animation does not appear again and again. Rather, the animation seen in it seems to be moving forward with time.

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In Cinemagraph GIF, one element of the image is in motion and the other element is in rest position. After all, moving parts in Cinemagraph GIFs are in limited numbers so it gives a soft feeling to the viewer.

Cinemagraph GIFs are preferred by travel and fashion companies due to their professional appearance and Quiet tone.

Technical GIF

Technical GIFs have the ability to turn a lifeless figure into interesting and engaging content. These types of GIFs are especially useful for marketers who include diagrams, graphs, and statics in their product summary.

The combination of video marketing and technical GIFs provides an amazing animation experience.

The Perfect – Loop GIF

The animation seen in this type of GIF happens in a loop but due to it being a seamless loop, we get to see a perfect loop. The final frame of the shot goes back to its initial frame without leaving its rhythm, due to which a seamless experience is seen.

The Perfect Loop GIF can be used for the advantage of companies. Since the loop is inherently nonstop, it can be used to market non-stop service. It can also be used to advertise the customer performance of a successful product.

How to use GIF?

On Social Media

The use of GIFs on social media is growing very rapidly. Because it is becoming more like an animation image and people use GIFs while chatting on social media and in messenger apps. And GIFs are available on most of the keyboards, due to which we can easily send GIFs to anyone.

To Show Off Your Products

Because of the animated feature of GIFs, in today’s time, the biggest companies use GIFs in the advertisement of their products. So you can use GIFs to show off your products.

Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?

In Presentation

You can use GIFs in presentations in your company or college. You can include any Animated Static Graphs in your PPT. This will make the viewer more attractive and it will also be easier for him to understand that thing. So in this way you can use GIFs in your presentation.

Creating Memes

In today’s time, memes are becoming very viral on social media, you can share them on social media by making GIFs memes. Due to the small size of GIF, it can be easily downloaded and shared.

On Your Blog

If you have a blog, then you can use GIFs on your blog. Due to the animation, GIF attracts the viewers and looks very total. So friends, if you have a blog, then you can use GIFs in your blog posts.

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Why is GIF so popular?

If we want to understand something, we can understand that thing in two ways (Mostly), in words, and in pictures. But what you understand by looking at a picture, that is, seeing a photo, as soon as you understand it, you do not understand it in words.

If we can understand all this easily from a single image, then this GIF format is a combo of video and image. In this, you are shown with Image Animation.

So let’s know about some important points due to which it is gaining so much popularity.

Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?

GIF Animation Supported

The biggest reason behind its popularity is that GIF is an animated image format. Due to its animation, it was very much liked on social media.

GIF can be easily shared

One of the reasons why GIF is popular is that we can easily download and share it. Due to the size of GIFs being less than videos, it can be shared easily.

GIFs are supported in all web browsers.

We get the support of it in all web browsers. Online we get many such websites from where we can easily download GIFs.

GIFs can be created easily.

There are many such websites and apps available on Google from where we can easily create and download our favorite GIFs absolutely for free.

Who is the founder of GIF format?

The founder of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is Steve Wilhite. Steve Wilhite was an American Scientist and he used to work in a company named CompuServe. He developed GIF in 1987.

How To Make GIF?

Do you want to make it with the help of your mobile and computer? If yes, then let’s know, how to make GIFs from the video?

How to make GIFs from the video?

  1. Now open the website.
  2. Click on the + icon above.
  3. Now click on the option Upload From Camera Roll.
    After clicking on the plus icon, three options will appear in front of you. Out of which you have to click on the option “Upload From Camera Roll”.
  4. Select the video of which you want to make GIF.
    After clicking on Upload From Camera Roll, the gallery will open in front of you. From which choose the video you want to make “GIF”.
  5. Select the Start Time and Duration of the video as per your choice.
  6. Now click on Next.
  7. Edit GIF as per your choice and click on Next.
  8. Click on Save GIF to download your GIF.
Gif Full Form: What are GIFs and their use?

How to download GIF from Google?

With the help of your smartphone or computer, you can download Animated GIFs from Google for absolutely free. So let’s know, how to download GIFs from Google?

  1. Search by typing the name of your favorite GIF in the google search bar.
  2. Now click on the option with Images.
  3. Click on your favorite GIF.
  4. Now press Hold on your GIF.
  5. After clicking on your favorite GIF, do “Hold Press” on that GIF.
  6. Download your GIF by clicking on the option of Download.

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