When the coronavirus pandemic started worldwide in early 2020. The tech giant company Google added an extra app in its G-Suite name Google Meet. Google Meet Group video Call is a video calling app from Google where online meetings, organizations gatherings etc started. Google also make it free for everybody and also provide one on one and group video calls for up to 24 hours till September 2020. After that company again extend this free service period to June 2021. But now it looks like this internet giant has no extra plans for free Google meet for their users.

Google Meet Group video Call no more free and unlimited

So, the users of Google Meet who used to do unlimited hours group calls will only be allowed for 60 minutes. But if you want that group call to continue till 24 hours-limit then they will need to purchase an extra top-up plan. Which will cost about Rs 600 ( $8 ) per user monthly.

If you don’t know about google Meet, I want to let you know that this is a group video calling app just like the Zoom app. Which offers their users unlimited group video call for a subscription fee of monthly. And here in this category Google meet also come, and started their service as free for their users to connect. And in this 2020 year lockdown period Meet gained many amount of users.

For the time Google has now mentions the Google Meet subscription on it’s meet pricing page. And from June 2021 who is using this group video call platform for free will get only 60 minute of time for free. The free unlimited group video call service on Meet ended last month for Google Meet Group video Call.

Google Meet Pricing

But one thing to clear is that the one on one video meet calls will be free for users. When you will start your one on one call on the meet, you can enjoy up to 24 hours. And this time limit will be the same as before and outside of the free subscription plan for the Google Meet Group video Call.

So, if you want to enjoy unlimited group calls on Google Meet, you can upgrade to the Google Workspace Essentials plan or the Google Workspace Enterprise plan. You can check out more details about the subscription packs on its Meet’s official pricing page.

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