Google has introduced a new app WifiNan Scan. The main feature of this app is that. Every user will be able to connect with other devices including their nearby smartphones without WiFi and Bluetooth. Suppose your smartphone does not have an internet connection but you will be able to do all the net related tasks. And you will get internet from this app as a WiFi. But the tech giant new app WiFiNanScan is currently introducing for developers. And will allow the developers to experiment with WiFi awareness.

App will Support these Smartphones

If you don’t have any idea about WiFi Aware, then let’s understand that this is a Neighbor Awareness Networking. Which gives you a feature to connect one smartphone to another without any external device. According to 9to5Google’s report, the WifiNan Scan app will only be able to run on select smartphones that support Android 8 and higher. With the help of this app, users will be able to share messages and data among themselves without Bluetooth and WiFi. According to Google’s claim, this app is completely safe. With the help of this app, users can send documents to the printer safely with the help of the network.

Users will get these Benefits

Users will not have to log in on any network when the Google app is installed on the phone. The company claims that with the help of the Wifi Aware app, you will be able to book seat booking and movie tickets in any restaurant without an internet connection. Meaning if there is no internet connection on your phone, then all the works with the internet will be able to be done. This Google app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app works from a meter to a range of 15 meters.

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Pro and Cons of WifinanScan App


  • Useful for smartphone while using the applications which work with internet and it will help to use them without internet.
  • People can do online booking, food order, file sharing, movie ticket booking etc.
  • Trustable due to Google is the owner of this app.
  • It works with nearby scan with other wifinan scan app.


  • It is not confirmed yet that how payment will be made?
  • On a sharing network or public network everyone know that you should not make online payment.
  • How data will be shared over this network is also a mystery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: 1> What is WiFiNan Scan App?

Ans: This is an app launched by Google to use a mobile phone without internet or wifi or Bluetooth network.

Ques: 2> Who developed WiFiNan App?

Ans: Tech giant company Google has developed this app.

Ques: 3> How will this app work?

Ans: This app will search nearby apps between the range of 10-15 meters and will connect with that network.

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