Since lockdown and the covid period has started lots of students adopt Google Meet, Zoom etc for their online classes. Even though all the corporate organisations also started their online meetings via these online video calling apps.

Here in these apps you can share your screen and the other participants can watch your screen but in some cases when you share your screen audio on Google Meets may not work properly sometimes. And this is because Google Meet is not able to share the audio of other computer’s app except only Google Chrome.

This is because Google Chrome is also a product of Google so they can easily communicate via audio on Google Meet if you are using it via chrome. So let’s see how we can resolve this problem for other apps, which is not belongs to Google.

Audio sharing: Tap on the Present Now Button

Google Meet share audio

So if you want to share audio on Google Meet, then you can play that audio on the chrome tab. And now in your meeting section click on the present now button and select the option of A chrome tab. And you will see opening a new window for chrome tab open. Now here select the relevant tab and check the checkbox of Share Audio at the bottom-left side corner. So that you can share the audio of that tab.

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Share Video on Google Chrome with Audio

You have seen many times while video session on Google Meet that when you share any pre-existing video file on your computer shows some glitches. And if you want to solve these problems just open that file into a separate chrome tab. Now put the selected file into the chrome window. Now follow the above instructions as given for the shared audio on Google Meet.

Tips for Good audio and video Meetings

To ensure good video quality while streaming, following these tips will help: Limit the number of running applications and reduce the number of Chrome tabs. Decrease the size of the Meet window. Turning off the mic/camera is another way to allow Meet to focus on processing the streaming of audio/video being presented. Reduce the playback resolution of the video to make the streaming easier.


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