There was a time that there was hardly a mobile phone in a house. But ever since the world has stepped forward in the field of technology. The trend of smartphones has become very much. And now the condition is that there are as many smartphones as there are people in the house. No one wants to keep a simple feature phone, everyone needs the best and latest launched smartphone.

In such a situation, when you go to a mobile phone shop or when you want to buy a mobile online. Then one thing must be seen that how much RAM is in the phone you want to buy. And then this question must have come to your mind that How much RAM does a phone need? So let’s know the answer.

How much RAM does a Phone need

RAM’s full form – Random Access Memory and if you ask someone like this. What is the use of RAM in a mobile phone? What is the use of RAM? Why do people think about RAM? So the only answer will be that the mobile phone will run much faster due to having more RAM. Is it really so? If yes, then whenever the mobile is launched. Then the one which will have a lot of RAM should be bought only? If you think so, then read this post carefully because after reading this post, you can avoid spending extra money.

It is true that due to more RAM, your mobile phone runs fast and runs smooth, but you have to understand at least what is the work of RAM.

What is the purpose of RAM

RAM is a type of memory, but it is a volatile memory, which means that the data stored in it is temporary and this is its speciality. If I start explaining only about RAM, then a separate post will be available on it. But In this post, I am explaining that what happens in the mobile with RAM. So you should know that when you keep the apps open on the mobile, then all the apps keep running in the RAM.

Now suppose that your mobile has 4GB of RAM, then whenever you open any apps. It will take some space in RAM and let’s understand with an example what will be its effect.

Smartphone Ram

Suppose if one app is opened then it is taking 1GB space, similarly, the apps you run all are heavy apps due to which they consume more RAM. So since your mobile phone has only 4GB RAM available so running more than 4 apps simultaneously. And if you try to run more apps then your mobile phone will hang and will not work properly.

Therefore, either run a maximum of 4 apps simultaneously or use more RAM so that there is free space for other apps as well. Now from here, the main point starts that how much RAM does a phone needs. Because now it depends on you which situation you are in, means whether you have to run more apps simultaneously or not.

How much RAM do I need ?

If your work is done by mobile phone and without mobile phone there may be a problem with your work. So in such a situation, it may happen that many apps will be open on your smartphone simultaneously. Like it happens in my case because I do work related to technology. So in such a situation, I keep running about 10 to 15 apps simultaneously using the multitasking facility. In such a situation, according to the need, I switch from one app to another immediately, since it is related to my career and business, then it is necessary to keep all the apps open.

how much ram does a phone need for Gaming Purpose

But you know that it is necessary to have more RAM to run many apps simultaneously. In such a situation, I need a smartphone with more RAM such as a minimum of 4GB of RAM because working in a mobile below that does not work quickly. Similarly, if you are a working person or even if you do not do business, then there is a chance that you must be playing the game on your mobile.

Smartphone Ram

Now it depends on you which level of the game you play. As the PUBG game is very famous nowadays, you must also think that how much GB RAM is required for the PUBG game. And to play other similar games, more RAM is also needed.

But you know that the cost of a phone with more RAM is also higher, so if you are a student or use the phone normally. Like sometimes apart from playing any game, only run daily life apps. Like apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram, you can work well even with a mobile phone with minimum RAM such as 2GB. Because in such a case, if you feel that for some reason the mobile is on the verge of hanging, then closing other apps and running only one app at a time.

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