If you are one of them who cares too much about their online privacy then here is something for you in this article. As we have heard that in this year June month, Brave browser launched its own search engine named Brave Search. So recently in the October month, Brave browser has changed the current Google search engine with it Breave Search.

This thing happened for the new coming users in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. Also in some other regions like in Germany Brave Search replaces with DuckDuckGo and in France with Qwant. But it is not supposed to be okay at a first step with the correct results. So if you want to Change Search Engine Brave Search with Google Search Engine in your mobile as well as desktop then stay tuned with us.

Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser (2021)

We have added separate set of instructions for changing the default search engine in Brave browser on your desktop and mobile. You can navigate to the relevant section based on the platform you use Brave on to browse the web.

Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

Suppose you are not a Brave Search user and want to go back with Google or any other privacy related search engine like DuckDuckGo. You can also follow the instruction and do that thing:

Step: 1 >> So obviously you have to open your Brave browser. And click on the three horizontal lines in top right corner. Now choose Settings from that given list.

Step: 2 >> Now tap on the Search Engnine tab in the left side bar. And nevigate to the search engine options.

brave search

Step: 3 >> Now choose your default search engine from the option selection area for your Brave browser in your Windows, Linux or Mac. You will see a default given options like Google, Brave, DuckDucko, Bing, Qwant and Startpage. If the list is based on your choice then choose one of them and done.

Step: 4 >> If the search engine which you are looking is not available in the list then you can add it by yourself, Just click on the manage search engines below.

Step: 5 >> So in the upcoming page you will see the Add button to show other search engines, So click on the proceed button for further.

brave search

6 >> After click on proceed you will see a pop up window where you have to fill the url details as well as the search engine name and keyword for that. Now it will convert in to that query.

Step: 7 >> For example, if you prefer using Neeva, name it, assign a keyword. And add the URL by following the search engine’s syntax in the Brave browser. Most search engines use ‘search?q=’ after the top-level domain. After filling in the details, click on ‘Add’ to save it.

Step: 8 >> You will now see the search engine you manually added under ‘Other search engines’. Click on the vertical three-dots menu and choose ‘Make default’ to set it as your default search engine.


So you have seen that how easy to Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser and I hope you would have learned about this.

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