Now to give more control over their recent searches and users data on Google. The tech giant introduced a new feature Delete last 15 minutes Google Search History to manage their data easily. Let’s see how you can use this awesome search history feature to take control of your search data.

How to Delete Last 15 Minutes of Google Search History

But here Google has cleared that this last 15 minutes search feature is only available for the iOS device Google app. So good news is that Google has also promised its Android user to bring this feature to Google App last year.

So if you are an iPhone user then this is the time to test this awesome last 15 minutes of Google Search history.

Step>> 1:

So to use this new feature is simply straightforward. Just go to your Google App on your iPhone and click over your profile in the top right corner.

Step>> 2:

After clicking on your profile, a pop-up will appear and you can see the text of “Delete last 15 min” and here you go. Then the app will start its work to delete all the search histories of the last 15 minutes.

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Now while accessing Google My Activity Page, you will face an extra layer of verification for security purposes. Due to this, you should add extra information, like your two-factor authentication or password to access all search history. Delete Last 15 minutes Google Search History feature will give an advanced power to share your device with anyone.


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