WhatsApp, an app that will be installed in every smartphone user’s mobile right now and there are millions of users in India and you must be using it too, but many questions will also come to your mind such as:

  • How WhatsApp earn money
  • Despite giving such a good service, even if it does not take a single rupee from you, then how is it free?
  • Was it free in the past? or will it be free in the upcoming future? Or will he start making money later?

So for these types of questions, I have written this post to guide you properly.

First of all, let me answer the question of whether WhatsApp was free from all the days? No, earlier WhatsApp was not free, but there was one thing that every time WhatsApp changed its policy. In fact, it used to cost $ 0.99 a year, but as soon as it was one year old. WhatsApp itself did it free for Indian people. It used to renew it for the next year because he knew that no one would buy a subscription in India soon, yes it is different because now people have understood the value of the internet, so now online subscription has also started to be bought.

So here was the way that How WhatsApp earn money. But later on, WhatsApp was made free for the whole world and since then it is completely free. But now the question is that after all. So many engineers work in WhatsApp and how will the server be maintained?

See, till now in reality WhatsApp did not take a single rupee from you and will still remain free for the general public. Just a little change will be that the advertisements below your status will show the meaning of promotion. So that they can earn money.

At the same time, you know that now WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook. So all the decisions are taken inside Facebook itself. In such a situation, it launched another app called WhatsApp Business App. And it has been brought to the businessman in which it will be. That the company will be able to create its own account on the app separately. They will also get the verified badge, as well as after a few days. The company will pay money for sending each message, which is a big company.

Like flight tickets or money transaction bills or invoices, all these big companies will pay money to WhatsApp, which will benefit it.

Recently, you must know that MakeMyTrip has started reporting free live train status to everyone for free with the help of WhatsApp.

Now I hope, you have got some idea about How WhatsApp earn money with their WhatsApp business app.

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