So if you are a social media platform Instagram user then must have used its new feature Instagram Reels. Generally at starting it gives its user 15 seconds for Instagram reels duration and last year they increased it to 30 seconds. But now they have decided that their creators can now upload up to 60 seconds of video clips on Reels.

Create 60-second Reels on Instagram

On July 27th Instagram from its official Twitter handle shared the Galaxy brain meme that dates back to 2017 memes saying that the creator will be able to record 60 second Reels. Here is the announced Tweet below there is not extra to describe there but a meme image.

To create Reels longer than 30 seconds, you have to set the length of the video before you start recording it. To do that, open the Reels recording interface by swiping right on the feed. Then, tap on the down arrow at the left or right side of the screen to see all the available options.

Instagram Reels duration

So if you also want to record Instagram Reels for more than 30 seconds then you have to set the duration. To do this first open the Instagram app and slide to the left side or click on the Reels icon. Now in the left middle, you will see the music icon and a more icons just click on that icon. Here you will see the available options and on the second option, there will be the time duration of videos for the Instagram Reels duration feature.

When you will tap on that icon it will automatically change to 15, 30 or 60 seconds. So if you are a creator of any popular short video platform then it will be a good feature for you and you can enjoy the Instagram Reels duration feature.

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