ISP Full Form: What is ISP?: In this article, you will know what is ISP, and what are the main ISPs of the world.

ISP Full Form: What is ISP?

The full form of ISP is Internet Service Provider. i.e. a company that provides Internet service to customers or users is called ISP.

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Along with providing internet facilities to its customer. An ISP also provides facilities of some other facilities like email addresses and webspace, etc. In other words, whenever you need an internet connection for your home or office, the company from which you take that connection is called your ISP.

Even if you have a computer, a router is installed for LAN networking, you cannot use the Internet without a connection to the ISP.

ISP Full Form: What are an ISP and its Levels?

Now if we talk about the means of giving internet connection to the customers by the ISP, then it is generally made available through Optic Fiber or WiFi.

Levels Of ISPs

Internet Service Provider (ISP) has 3 main levels, Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3, let’s understand them.

Tier-1 ISP

This type of ISP stays at the top of the sequence, whose reach is global, that is, through them, only Internet service can be reached from one country to another, it is called the Backbone of the Internet.

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ISPs of this level connect with each other through peering agreements to create infrastructure to move traffic from one geographic area to another. When ISPs of the same level interconnect and cooperate to pass free traffic to eachother, these ISPs are called Peers. Internet traffic cannot be sent from one country to another without a Tier-1 ISP.

Example:- AT&T, Verizon, Tata Communication, and Sprint, etc.

Tier 2 ISP

These types of ISPs work between Tier-1 and Tier-3, that is, their access is regional or within the country. In which Internet traffic is exchanged by Transit along with Peering Agreement. That is, the Transit connection is generally done between Tier 1 and Tier 2 and Peering Agreement between Tier 2.

Example:- BSNL, Airtel, V!, Jio, etc.

ISP Full Form: What are an ISP and its Levels?

Tier 3 ISP

According to this level of ISP traffic, Tier-2 buys internet from ISP and their job is to provide internet facilities to the end customer. i.e. homes and work areas, in return they charge customers.

Example:- Excitel, Tikona, Den Broadband, GigaNet, Hathway, etc.

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