Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will step down as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) today. And today, Amazon executive Andy Jesse will take over the role of new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in his place. Let us tell you that exactly 27 years ago since, on this day in 1994, the Amazon Company was started.


Amazon had said that in February this year (2021) that Jeff Bezos would step down as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) but the date was not given at that time.

Amazon had said that after leaving the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), he would take on the new role of Executive Chairman (EC).

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1.3 Million people works in Amazon

Jeff Bezos has said that he will have more time for other projects, including the Philanthropy run by his space exploration company Blue Origin and overseeing the Washington Post. Amazon Company currently employs 1.3 million (13 Lakh) people and serves millions of people and businesses around the globe.

Jeff Bezos will say goodbye to the post of Amazon CEO today

Property of Bezos

If we Talking about the net worth of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, he has a net worth of 19 billion $.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is counted among the richest man in the world.

Amazon made huge profits in the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the same time, Amazon made profits during the Corona pandemic. With such a number of persons shopping online at houses, Amazon’s revenue in the year 2020 increased by 38% to $386 billion.

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Bezos gives $100 million to Feed America

In April 2020, Jeff Bezos issued a statement saying that he would give $100 million to ‘Feed America’, a non-profit organization that runs food banks and food pantries across America.

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