Do you know, to improve your writing skills and speed Microsoft Editor also provides Microsoft 365 subscription.

This concept was released in the month of March 2020, where in the Microsoft word and windows 10 outlook. Microsoft editor can help you a lot to improve your writing skills.

So from the latest news of Microsoft 365 road map, the users can get a Microsoft Grammarly rival in Word for Mac soon.

If you are not familiar with the Microsoft Editor, I will let you know that this is an artificial intelligent based writing tool which gives you suggestions of advanced writing. The suggestions can be many types like formality, clarity, inclusiveness and more of your work. And it also gives you the plagiarism tool by which it tracks you to write unique contents.

You can also get the benefit of the Microsoft Editor free version, where they provide spelling checks and the basics of grammar. But if you want their premium version then you have to purchase the Microsoft 365 subscription. And you will get the tool’s advanced grammar, formal language, conciseness, clarity, vocabulary and punctuation features. Will see in the future, how Microsoft Grammarly rival will take place or not?

Microsoft Editor in Word for Mac

Now according to the latest update by Microsoft 365 Roadmap. This Microsoft Editor for Mac’s Word is still in the development phase. and can be released in July month this year.

So in this tool Mac user will see all their features that is already available in Windows 10 like word choice, grammar and suggestions.

Now if I talk about the pricing if you are a Mac user and want to purchase their product. Then you will have to subscribe to Microsoft 365 for $6.99 per user per month. Or you can also go for $9.99 up to six users per month and start getting benefits of all features.

We will soon update the thing related to the Microsoft Editor and their release for the next month for Mac. Until you can enjoy their web version of Word for Mac. I hope you will get something better which will be Microsoft Grammarly rival.


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