While playing the game, if a fridge is also kept nearby, then it will be more fun. With this, you can easily keep yourself cool while playing the game. Now Microsoft is going to make a fridge based on Xbox.

In fact, Microsoft’s latest and most powerful Xbox console looks like a mini fridge and the company did a Twitter poll about it and said that if users win this poll against Skittles, then they will get a mini fridge that looks like Xbox. Will make Now during the E3 conference, the company has announced that it will launch Xbox Mini Fridge. The company will present this mini freeze in the holiday season of this year.

Microsoft Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge was unveiled, know what is the specialty

Announcing new games for Xbox fans during the E3 2021 virtual gaming conference, Microsoft Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge was also unveiled, let’s know what is the specialty of Microsoft Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge.

According to the company, the Xbox Mini Fridge is the ‘world’s most powerful mini fridge’, which will help gamers stay cool through an immersive play experience.

When the Xbox series was first announced in 2019, people made memes on its size and compared it to a refrigerator.

Inspired by this trend, the Microsoft took to social media and, after beating out Skittles in a Twitter poll, said that an actual Microsoft Xbox Series Xbox fridge would be released in the 2021.

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In April, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, tweeted that: “Thanks to everyone who voted, it was down to the wire and thrilling to follow. Now that EtDrate Xbox wins, we Going ahead on its promise is the Xbox Series X MiniFridge. The first one will be full of off-the-line games and head over to our friends Etdrat Iscatils! Green Heart.”

Microsoft Xbox Series X-shaped minifridge is now a reality and will be available later this year during the holiday season.

The refrigerator was unveiled during the Xbox Plus Bethesda E3 event.


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