A Bloomberg report posted last month that the online streaming giant is now planning to enter the gaming industry. And after sometimes Netflix came on front and confirm this news that they now focusing on the android operated mobile games. And this will be an extra benefit for the plans subscription users. Which mean that users don’t need to pay any extra charge for this. And also Netflix android games testing is started with the Poland subscribers of games.

Netflix Android Games Testing

So in the starting phase, Netflix introduces two types of mobile games that are based on their popular Netflix original TV series, Stranger Things. These are Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things: 1984, Now Poland Netflix subscribers can try these on their Android phones.

So as per the above sentences by Netflix, the game will not contain any type of ads, also it will not have any purchase required in the app. In short under the Netflix membership umbrella, all the games will be free of any extra charges.

So when the game will be available for all users, then you can see the Games link in the Netflix home feed. Netflix android games testing will be directly connected with Google Play Store and users can easily download from theirs. In what seems like a strange move from the streaming giant, these are not cloud gaming titles. Here to ensure the trust of games you have to go for the old fashioned way to download games. before playing those games you have to enter your Netflix account to play them.

Interestingly, these games are not even new after all. Game developer BonusXP had previously worked with Netflix to bring these exact titles to mobile devices back in 2017 and 2019 respectively. However, the original game listings are no longer available on the Play Store. While recycling existing games doesn’t seem to be a great start for Netflix’s mobile game offering, we will have to wait to see if Netflix manages to scale things up going forward.VIAThe Verge

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