NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

Often people what is NFC and what is NFC full form? If you start thinking about it, then let us tell you that the meaning of NFC or the full form of NFC is "Near Field Communication".

NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

NFC Full Form: What is NFC?: NFC Full Form is ‘Near Field Communication’, you must have understood from its name that ‘Near Field’ means to communicate nearby and which is not too far away. It is a wireless technology working similar to Bluetooth which is used for data transfer between two devices. If you do not know about NFC, then in this article we are going to discuss the NFC.

What is NFC?

Often people what is NFC and what is NFC full form? If you start thinking about it, then let us tell you that the meaning of NFC or the full form of NFC is “Near Field Communication”. You must have used WiFi on the phone. It also works like WiFi. Just as to connect Bluetooth to our phone, we have to pair both the devices, which sometimes takes a lot of time, and still, we are not able to connect Bluetooth to our phone.

NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

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Wireless Communication Technology

NFC is much better than Bluetooth NFC works only when you have NFC in your phone and if you want to connect NFC with any other device then for this the front mobile should also have NFC. This is ‘Wireless Communication Technology’ in which you can transfer data between two devices from a distance of up to 4-5 cm. With the help of NFC, you can send data at a fast speed just by touching it.

The NFC device connects only one touch and automatically turns off after the job is done. It can transfer data at a speed of 106-424 Kbps compared to Bluetooth. With NFC, you can do a lot of data transfer as well as transfer money, pay bills after shopping, and much more. When it communicates, then there is less battery consumption in it.

NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

How does NFC work? (How Does NFC Work)

Do you know how it works, how it works, you must have NFC Antenna in the device to do NFC communication? Data is sent through Radio Waves. The type of technology used in NFC is derived from Older Radio Frequency Identification.

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NFC is divided into 3 Modes of Operation

  1. Peer To Peer Mode (For File Transfer)
  2. Reader/ Writer Mode (for reading NFC Tags)
  3. Card Emulation Mode (For Payments)
NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

Peer To Peer Mode

This mode is used the most. It is working to exchange information between 2 NFC devices/gadgets. In this mode, when data is sent, devices remain in active mode and while receiving data, devices remain in passive mode.

Reader/ Writer Mode

It is used for NFC Tags. It is One Way Data Transmission, in which the active device links up with another device to read the information from that device.

Card Emulation Mode

This mode can be used as a smart card for payment so that payment can be done easily.

How To Use NFC

To communicate with NFC, it is very important for your device to have an NFC antenna. This is a cheap designed antenna that is installed on the back cover or top of your mobile. It supports the NFC data only up to 4-5 cm range area. You can use NFC in different ways.

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NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

Data Transfer

With the help of NFC, you can easily transfer and receive data from one phone to another. In this, you can send any photo, video, document, and much more to another mobile.

NFC Payment

Payment can also be done using NFC. In NFC, you can make payment with the help of a Debit / Credit card. This is a very good feature. In which you do not need to carry a Debit / Credit card with you, you can do this work only with the help of your phone.


This is the store tag of NFC in which you can save your data. It is cheap in which you can also save your password, documents, and personal data. You cannot save very large data. In this, you can save only small files and data.

NFC Business Card

NFC Business Card is being used a lot right now. There is an NFC chip in it, in which if a person touches the NFC of the mobile by taking it to that card, then all the information available in that card which is about the business is displayed to you on your phone. In this, you can put information about your business’s Social Media Link, Website, and Images.

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NFC Full Form: What is NFC? How to use it?

What is Jio Phone NFC?

Jio Phone users will be able to use NFC service on their phones. NFC will also work in Jio Phone like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Users will be able to link Jan Dhan Account, Bank Account, Debit/ Credit Card, UPI Account, etc. through this feature. When you link your banking account details with the Jio phone account, then this information of your banking details gets converted into another format and stored in a small chip.

You can use NFC in many places on Jio Phone. As:

  1. Movie / Parking Ticket POS
  2. Shopping POS
  3. Business Card For Identity
  4. Vehicles Like Cars
  5. Inside Smart Credit Card
  6. High-End Secure Doors At Labs, Banks, And Hospital Secure Areas
  7. Bluetooth Pairing
  8. NFC In Jio Phone

Using Jio NFC is not a difficult task. You will be able to use this feature easily. For this, just follow the simple steps given below about Jio Phone NFC:

  1. First of all open ‘Settings’ on Jio Phone.
  2. Here you will get the option of ‘NFC’.
  3. To use NFC, you must have money in your Jio Money App.
  4. By using Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card. You can add any amount to your Jio App.
  5. You must have ‘Kyc Verification’ to use Jio Money App.
  6. After adding money to Jio Phone, it will appear in your ‘Jio Money App’.
  7. Just after this take the phone to the receiver device.
  8. Now enter the amount you want to transfer to the receiver’s device.
  9. The money will be debited from the account and will be added to the receiver’s account.

Types Of NFC (NFC In Mobile)

Do you know there are mainly 2 types of this great technology (Nuffs in Phone)?

Active NFC Device

Active NFC is called those devices from which data can also be sent and received. It connects to both Active Device and Passive Device. This device works with the help of a Power Source.

Passive NFC Device

Passive NFC Device is called those devices from which only information can be sent, it does not require any power source. It is not able to process Device Information, this type of device is used in Tags and Transmitter. These are 2 types of NFC that you can use according to your need.

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