Google has announced that the Locked Folder in Photos feature will soon be available on all Android devices. As reported by The Verge, these features were exclusively released on the new Pixel phones in June. Google has not yet disclosed when this feature will be rolled out to all smartphones.

Photo Locked Folder will soon be available for devices running Android 6.0 and above. Once it goes live, users will be able to set up this folder after receiving a notification from Google Photos. Google Photos Locked Folder hides selected photos/videos from the application’s main grid, search, and apps that access your device photos.

In addition, these photos will not be backed up or shared and will require a device screen lock to access them. Even users will not be allowed to take screenshots even if they are inside a safe location.

Now all Android users can lock the phone folder

Google said in a tweet earlier, “With the locked folder in Google Photos, you can add photos to a passcode-secured location and they won’t be visible when you scroll through Photos or other apps on your phone.”

Locked Folder is first launching on Google Pixel and other Android devices. In the Google Photos app, you can set a locked folder by going to Library – Utilities – Locked Folder.

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Other Android Features

Google built remote-control features directly into Android phones. Users can also use their phone’s keyboard to type in passwords, movie names or search terms.

“Try it on your Google TV or other Android TV OS devices by adding the Remote tile to the quick settings on your Android phone, or visiting the Google TV app coming to 14 more countries in the next few weeks.”

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