Google is updating Gmail to include a feature that allows users to make voice and video calls over their connection through the app. The update comes as part of a larger drive by Google to introduce more workspace features into its suite of apps. Gmail is also being redesigned so that users can be given more features besides email.

With the help of this update, users will be able to make direct voice and video calling from their contacts. They can also do this from the Gmail mobile app. Let us tell you that this call will be from Gmail Meet and all this will happen inside the Gmail app itself. The special thing in this is that Google is bringing this feature directly in the Gmail app and not in Google Meet.

The company is preparing a central hub

Google has already promoted other services using its best services. Google is making Gmail a central hub for all work-related applications here. In addition to sending and receiving emails, the company now gives users the option of personal and video chats, videoconferences as well. So at the same time video and voice calls have also been included in this.

Now you will be able to make video and voice calls from Gmail

For this, Gmail acts as an access point for Chat, Space, and Meet. Let us tell you that Google has said that it can launch the Google Meet feature soon in the future. As of now, the Meet tab under Gmail gives users the option to start or join a virtual meeting. Going forward, the feature of calling contacts will also be added under this. Users will then be able to make personal voice and video calls to the same contact through the app, as in Google Duo or any other VOIP app such as Skype.

In addition to the ability to make direct calls, Google is redesigning Gmail with new features for Spaces and Google Calendar. There’s also a new Companion Mode for Meet that lets you use the conference room’s audio-visual hardware for virtual meetings. In addition, Google is expanding its Meet hardware ecosystem.

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