Samsung is all set to launch its new foldable phone at its Galaxy Unpacked event tonight. While the world waits for the new Samsung phone, OnePlus dig at the tech major in a recent tweet. Making fun of the foldable form factor, OnePlus has tweeted a teaser video of its smartphone. From the first look, it seems that the company is preparing to launch its foldable device. However, a closer look at the teaser reveals that the video shows two OnePlus smartphones cleverly put together to look like a foldable smartphone.

Foldable Phone Source

Apart from the funny placements, OnePlus also included the launch date of Samsung’s event as part of its teaser. Naturally, Twitterati assumed that the company would be revealing its foldable smartphone (out of the blue) on the same date. In such a situation, it seems to many that there was a possibility of a face-off between the big smartphone companies.

However, such reactions to the tweet were completely baseless, as it turned out that the video was nothing but a gimmick from OnePlus. The company probably wanted to steal some limelight from Samsung on its big day, and it seems to have succeeded on some level. As far as the tweet is concerned, the 16-second video shows two OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones placed side by side, which shows off the foldable form factor.

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Twitter users liked this joke of OnePlus. Many users even said that they want to try their hands on the foldable smartphone of OnePlus. But at the moment there is no information about this. But one thing is sure that OnePlus has made Twitter users’ day today.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 tonight. The Galaxy Unpacked event has been scheduled for today at 7:30 PM IST. As soon as the smartphones are introduced, we will convey this information to you. So stay tuned to know everything about the new Galaxy smartphones that are debuting globally tonight.


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