OTT Full Form: What are the OTT Platforms?: OTT Platform is becoming very famous in India and due to the OTT platform, people are able to easily watch many types of video content at home. Today we will tell you what is OTT platform?, OTT platforms list in India, OTT platforms, and what are the advantages of OTT? All this is going to be told. So let’s first know what is OTT?

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What is OTT?

OTT is a word related to the Internet world and it is the modern technology of the Internet world. OTT is Entertainment Platforms and you can watch movies and series by visiting these platforms. In today’s time, people have less time and in such a situation many films and series are released on these platforms only. That is, you can watch movies on your phone anywhere anytime by visiting these platforms.

OTT Full Form: What are the OTT Platforms?

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OTT Full Form

This question also arises in the mind of many people. Actually, its full form is “Over-The-Top” and Video or Media Content is available on this platform.

OTT Full Form: What are the OTT Platforms?

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Many people also call it Video On Demand Platforms. The OTT platform is becoming popular very fast and in today’s time, there are many such OTT Platforms where you can go and watch movies, series.

OTT Full Form: What are the OTT Platforms?

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What is OTT App?

There are many OTT platforms that show movies and series and these OTT platforms also have their own app. Which you can download and watch movies and movies on your phone. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar are all the names of famous OTT apps.

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OTT Full Form: What are the OTT Platforms?

OTT Platforms In India

OTT Platforms India is becoming famous in India and many such OTT platforms are being watched a lot by people. Most of these OTT platforms have to pay money and then the video content on them can be seen. So let’s see which ott platforms are famous in India.

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2Amazon Prime Video
3Disney + Hotstar
8ALT Balaji

Speciallity of Over-The-Top (OTT) Service

By going to the Over-The-Top (OTT) app, you can easily watch the movie of your choice. That too without any ad. However, to use the Over-The-Top (OTT) app, you have to pay.

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Currently, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, Viu, SonyLive, and ALTBalaji are the most popular OTT platforms. There is a lot of content in these OTT Platforms. There are many things available for children on OTT Platforms too and children can learn a lot by watching content.

OTT Full Form: What are the OTT Platforms?

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OTT Platforms have benefited a lot due to the lockdown and suddenly the demand for OTT Platforms has increased. The different amount has been fixed for different services by each OTT Platforms and these Platforms provide Paid Subscription or Membership Based services.

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Features of OTT Platforms

There are many features of the OTT platforms. These platforms have not been limited to films only. There are many such OTT platforms that also show TV serials and videos related to children. A lot of things can be seen through the OTT platform. Videos can be easily watched on your phone by downloading the OTT Platform Apps. Apps are available for every OTT platform.

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