PWD Full Form: What is PWD? For the development of each state, its functions are divided into many departments, one of these departments is PWD. Roads, buildings, bridges, etc. are constructed by this department. PWD works at the state level. This department also does the repair work of schools, hospitals, etc. This article explains about the PWD and its functioning.

What is PWD?

This is a government organization, this department is a complete government department, whose work is to make roads, building buildings, bridge construction, etc. in cities. This department works to make available such resources.

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PWD Full Form

The full form of PWD is Public Works Department, PWD is its acronym.

Work of PWD

The PWD completes many works, all of which are under government control, it includes the repair of buildings, roads, water facilities, hospitals, schools, etc. The main functions are as follows-

  1. Construction of Government building
  2. Road construction
  3. Building bridges
  4. Arrange Drinking water system

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Construction of Government Building

This department constructs government buildings anywhere in the city as per government orders. All government offices come in this.

Construction of Road

All the roads inside the city area are constructed by this PWD, apart from this, it also repairs the broken roads.

Construction of Bridges

The PWD department builds all the bridges as per requirement coming in its area, if any bridge is damaged, it also repairs it.

Arrange Drinking Water System

The PWD provides pure water to all the areas of the city. This department also repairs if the water pipeline bursts at any place.

Some of the PWD works are described here, there are many works that come under the PWD.

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Note: This post is only for informational purposes. Some of the data may or may not be correct considering the changes over time. In this case, We are not responsible. So For better Knowledge of the PWD. Please Visit the Government Official Websites.


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