RTO Full Form: What is RTO? And List of RTO Code? What is RTO Full Form, What is RTO?, What are the functions of RTO?, how to get Vehicle Information from RTO? you will get answers to all such questions answered in this post.

RTO Full Form – What is RTO

The full form of RTO is Regional Transport Office. The work of RTO is to take care of everything related to traffic. RTOs are found in all the districts of our country and all of them are given their own code.

RTO Full Form: What is RTO? | List of RTO Code

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If you see a car going, then behind it you will see a special and unique number written on its number plate, this number is given by RTO. If you keep the information about the correct codes of numbers, then you get to know about that vehicle to a great extent. You can easily get the state and district information from the vehicle number.

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Not only is the registration of vehicles done in the RTO’s office, but the Driver’s License is also made for the driver of the vehicle. Along with this, RTO also collects Road Tax. The work of RTO also includes insurance of vehicles and testing of their pollution.

RTO Full Form: What is RTO? | List of RTO Code

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What is the main role of RTO?

If a person buys a new vehicle (Car/Bike etc.), then he has to go to the RTO office and get some important documents of the vehicle made like –

  1. Insurance
  2. Pollution Test
  3. Driving License
  4. Vehicle Registration


Insurance of vehicles is also provided by RTO. If you want to get your vehicle insured, then you have to visit the RTO office. However, apart from this, all the work like road tax, the fitness of vehicles, etc. is also done under RTO.

RTO Full Form: What is RTO? | List of RTO Code

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Pollution Test

The Pollution level test of vehicles is also done by RTO. If any vehicle is causing more pollution then RTO can cancel its license.

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Driving License

The RTO controls a database that contains vehicle and driver-related information. Giving a Driving License is the job of the RTO. RTO provides Driving License to the vehicle holder after taking some driving tests.

RTO Full Form: What is RTO? | List of RTO Code

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Vehicle Registration

The registration number is mandatory for every vehicle owner because driving without a number is a legal offense. Registration of new vehicles is done in the RTO office and a number is given to the vehicle.

List of RTO Code

Serial NumberState NameRTO Code
1Andhra PradeshAP
2Arunachal PradeshAR
9Himachal PradeshHP
10Jammu and KashmirJK
14Madhya PradeshMP
24Tamil NaduTN
27Uttar PradeshUP
28West BengalWB
29Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
31Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
32Daman and DiuDD

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