SMS Full Form: What is SMS?: You must have seen many people using the word SMS, perhaps you have also used SMS in common parlance. SMS is such a word that we often say message too. Some people understand the meaning of SMS as a message, although to some extent it is also right.

If you talk about SMS, then it does the work of messaging but it is slightly different from a word-like message. When you read the SMS Full Form in this post, you will know the true meaning of SMS.

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SMS Full Form and History Of SMS

The full form of SMS is Short Messaging Service and it was invented in 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert. Nokia was the first company that made SMS accessible to people with the help of the phone made by them.

SMS Full Form: What is SMS?

You can send a message as long as 160 characters with the help of SMS. Initially, it was designed only for GSM but later it started supporting CDMA phones as well.

Today you can enjoy the facility like SMS from every type of phone and this service is supported by every telecom company like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea (V!), BSNL, etc.

People have forgotten SMS since the days when messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat, Viber have come. There used to be a time when we had to send a message to someone, SMS was the only means.

SMS is no longer used as much because Messaging Apps have come, with the help of them, you can send messages like Emojis, Audio, Video, Photo, Document, etc. to any of your friends.

SMS Full Form: What is SMS?

SMS Existence

If you want to do this work by SMS then it is not possible because with SMS you can send only by writing text, files cannot be exchanged by SMS. The second reason is also that it costs money to send every SMS, whereas you do not have to pay money to send as many messages as you want from all the Messaging Apps.

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SMS is still not completely finished, the reason is that it is necessary to have a Smartphone for Messaging Apps, but still, there are many such villages in India where people do not know how to use smartphones. Many people do not even take a smartphone because it is more expensive than a phone with a keypad and most of the people of India come in the poverty line and are not able to buy it.

SMS Full Form: What is SMS?

There are many people who, despite having a Smartphone, still use SMS because Messaging Apps like WhatsApp works only when the person in front has the same application installed on their phone from which you are messaging. Whereas you can do SMS from any phone to any phone, for this it is not necessary to have any application installed.

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