Android is Google’s operating system, and many people still use the old Android version, on which now some of these particular apps of Google will stop working.

Earlier this year, Google reported around 3 billion Android device users worldwide, including smartphone and tablet users. These devices work on different Android operating systems. In this, some smartphones work on the old Androids operating system Gingerbread.

According to Google, the Android 2.3 version is now quite old because now the company has released the update of Android 11, and soon Android 12 will also knock. In such a situation, users running phones with Androids version 2.3 OS will not use Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Calendar. In such a situation, there is a risk of leaking the users’ data from the old version.

What can users do next?

By going to the settings of the Androids smartphone, users can check which operating system (OS) their phone is working on. For this, go to the grounds of the smartphone and click on the About phone present there, and you can check the Android version.

Some version of Android will no longer be able to use Google Service

However, if there is an older version, users can also check the new update, the option of which will also be available inside the phone itself. In such a situation, if you update your phone with Androids 3 Honeycomb, it will be able to use these apps of Google.

The decision was also taken with Windows Phones.

Google has already stopped many services from Windows Phone has given security. Let us tell you that recently WhatsApp had issued a statement saying that the instant messaging app will also stop working in the old Androids version. Google had said even then that data could be leaked here.

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