TCL has announced its Smart Glass. The name of this smart glass is TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition and it will knock with a micro LED display. This smart glass of TCL looks like normal glass and the display given in it is transparent. Talking about the features of this glass, it can show multiple screens at a time.

According to the manufacturer, this smart glass works on AR (Augmented Reality) for navigation. The company claims that calls can also be made with the help of this smart glass. Also, with the help of the camera present on this camera, users will be able to capture photos and videos as well. This smart glass of TCL will compete with the smart glasses of Xiaomi and Reben Stories of Facebook, which have been launched.

The Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition has been unveiled by the TCL company, but its price and availability have not been disclosed yet. This smart glass will be available in China before coming to the global market. A video has been shared by TCL, in which smart glasses
Overview is shown. This device has a Micro LED display, which comes with 4┬Ám (micrometer) pixels.

TCL introduced Smart Glass

According to the video, alarm setup, smartphone data access and video viewing and calendar etc. can be seen on the display of this smart glass. Also, video messages and home appliances can be controlled on this display. Along with this, the doors of the car can also be locked in future.

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Smart Glass, in which features like navigation, real-time text translation were given. Weighing 51 grams, this glass has a MicroLED optical waveguide. Message notification will also come on this display. Inbuilt dual beamforming microphone and speakers have been given in this smart glass, which can be used during calls. Also it has a 5 megapixel camera.

Facebook’s Reben Stories Smart Glass costs around Rs 21970. It helps in capturing pictures and videos and it works on the voice command of the reader.

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