T-Mobile US said on Wednesday that an ongoing investigation into a cyberattack on its systems revealed the theft of personal data of about 7.8 million (7.8 million) users of its existing postpaid customers. had gone. The company was informed about the attack at the end of last week. It said in a statement; an online forum claimed that the personal data of its users had been leaked.

T-Mobile said data for about 8,50,000 prepaid customers, and more than 40 million records of old or recent customers were also stolen. The breached data included customer names, surnames, birth dates, public security numbers and driver’s license information, though there was no sign of compromised finances.

Necessary steps being taken for the security of users

On Monday, the telecom operator acknowledged the data breach and said that it was sure that the entry point used to access the data had been closed. T-Mobile said it was taking “immediate steps” to protect users at risk.

T-Mobile said, “As a result of this search, we are taking immediate steps to help protect all individuals who may be at risk from this cyberattack.” Communication will be issued by T-Mobile to the customers soon.

Customers can do this work to avoid the risk.

T-Mobile gives customers two years of free identity service with McAfee’s ID Theft Protection service. All T-Mobile postpaid customers are advised to change their PIN by going online to their T-Mobile account or calling the company’s customer care team by dialling 611 on their phone. The company has also published an updated web page for one-stop information and solutions to help customers take further steps for their safety.

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