The importance of technology in education is to increase the efficiency of a good education. Since its is all around us and no matter how much we keep us aside isn’t undoubtedly an inseparable part of our lives.

Now it is the high time we turn our attention to its use in education at a big scale. We never have been more inclined towards the technology for education than we have been since the pandemic started.

Although many of us might have our personal reviews of how it’s useful or harmful using more technology to educate, many people still like to rely on traditional methods of teaching, but one can’t deny the fact that technologies have made our day to day life easier.

Technology have made the access to education much easier, a wide range of learning styles and degree options are now available for people to choose from. Either you are a student or an education professional technology can help you do better.

Let’s discuss what the changes technology brought along with it are and how it is affecting us. (A point should be noted that all the aspects mentioned below are based on behavioural and personal understanding, not claiming any study or research.)

The importance of technology in education
The importance of technology in education

How It Is Affecting Education

In the era when teaching used to be more of a traditional than technological, teachers didn’t have many tools to enhance their teaching process. All they had was blackboard and the chalk and to make their teaching process interesting was a big deal compared to today’s scenario.

Although it’s (chalk and board) widely used method of teaching but there is now a catch of technology. Earlier the education was more of a teacher-cantered but thanks to technology it is transforming into students-cantered.

The importance of technology in education
The importance of technology in education

Technology is providing various tools to teacher as well as students to learn and explore more. Using such tools not only one can ignite the interest there are numerous possibilities of individual development and innovative lesson planning.

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We can make a useful assumption that the students who learn through technology are more inclined to create a set of skills that will help them throughout their own future careers.

Why and How Technology can be used in Education

It’s high time that we use all resources available in order to educate, since we are in the era of advancement. A systematic approach is needed where we can process how we can use technology in the best way possible, utilize it to improve the performance of students

Various methods can be used like either we can create a framework for fully online mode education or a classroom education clubbed with technologies.

It reduces the cost of education, with opportunity to learn various skills and online degrees for example one can choose to continue his/her studies from another country without leaving their home.

The importance of technology in education
The importance of technology in education

In addition to the access to information, new technology can actually excite and empower students. Because most of the children are already familiar with computers, tablets and smartphones, learning through technological lessons will likely become more exciting than discouraging.

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Teachers can make their theories interesting in order to teach students. Although there are so many tools available right now to choose from but here are few notable and most used tools –

  • Electronic Whiteboards
  • Flipped Learning
  • Desktops and Laptops
  • Projectors
  • Distance Learning
  • Virtual Field Trips

Benefits of Technology in Education

There are numerous benefits of the technology in education, from the beginning of the articles its being mentioned lets discuss the use of it clubbed with classroom education.

  • To gets the benefit of the education one is required to align his/her interest in the study, classroom study method has been an effective one but it sometimes fails to encourage students to take interest, technology can help overcome this barrier.
  • Talking about online classroom study, it is necessary to point out that some student face problems opening up due to reasons such as anxiety, feeling intimidation etc. online classroom provide them a safe shield to open up. It is more comfortable and opens the dialogue and communication creating an engaging learning environment.
  • The classroom method has its drawbacks like sometimes students keeps waiting for teacher to arrive for lecture and due to some reasons classes get cancelled and not only its impact on the quality of education, it also the main reason of lacking the interest. With support of technology it is possible to provide an alternate solution whenever this type of situation arises and it helps improving the collaboration.
  • Blackboard and chalk system has its own limitations, nowadays one institute is filled with students with diverse languages, skills, and physical attributes etc. it is necessary that one medium isn’t the only option, there has to be various mode of education as well. Technology helps making study easier through hearing, displaying videos, airing podcasts, pictures and so many different methods. It is helpful not only for students but teachers as well.
  • It is no hidden factor that one is motivated towards the things he/she is interested in and technology makes studying interesting and so the learning process easier.
  • There were times physical presence was needed for education and that being said was a big problem for kids that were not able to be physically present, technology makes it easy for them to keep studying with vital resources and tools.
The importance of technology in education
The importance of technology in education

Drawbacks of Technology in Education

Well it’s not always the case where something has the only good stuff to offer. One may argue that the benefits are more and drawbacks are less, vice-versa but its all there we can’t leave it without acknowledging.

  • Above I have mentioned that technology increases interest in students but it’s a very common fact that it can have a reverse impact as well. Having every learning resources available and stored in computes, tab may lead to develop poor learning habits and create a lazy attitude toward learning. It also create a mind-set where one thinks they don’t need a school when one can find everything online.
  • Technology doesn’t always go hand in hand with everyone, it is very obvious that one might lack the basic skills and doesn’t understand the proper functionality, computer malfunctions can be a headache too. This are minor issues but can lead to a bigger problem.
  • When it comes to fully online mode education one can argue that face-to-face interaction is good in terms of improvement, and the other reason having fully online mode classes is that student might tend to use technology for other stuffs than learning.

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At the end of the day, technology has had a significant impact on everyone’s lives. Some may deliberate that its impact is positive other may differ and that can be debated, argued using data facts but we can’t deny the fact that the use of technology is inevitable. Though, it’s in the hands of the teachers and students to decide how much technology they want to include into the learning process and their dependency on it.


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