Android phone is too much popular and selling phones across the world. And when a user bought a new Android phone. He also tries to find out the best data transfer app for android to a new android phone.

So in the Google play store, you will see millions of apps use to transfer the data and you will get confused. So here in this article, I am going to explain about top 10 apps. Which will suggest transfer data from one Android Phone to a new Android phone.

1 >> SHAREit

So if you are a smartphone user (iPhone / Android), you would have used this app as a data transfer app on your phone. And also this is the most popular and favourite apps on the play store: SHAREit. So to send your data from one device to a new device just download this app on both phones. After that connect both devices with WiFi and Bluetooth and after that, you can see all the files to transfer.

shareit data transfer app

SHAREit supports almost all types of files like pictures, audio, video, movies, apps everything. You can also select any type of documents like pdf, doc, excel files etc. The receiver needs to accept these files once and it can transfer up to 20 MB / s.  With its CLONEit feature, you can also copy the important data from the sender device within a few minutes.

Download App Here

2 >> Samsung Smart Switch

Another free app, Samsung Smart Switch that works as a data transfer app from one android phone to new android phone. This app works with both wireless technology as well as using a cable. But there is a catch of this app is, it only supports Samsung Galaxy devices. It comes as a default app in devices like Note 9, Note 8, S7, S8 and S9 galaxy devices. It allows the transfer of the data between any two Android devices (Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, etc.). This app is even more comfortable for exchanging data from SD cards also.

samsung smart switch data transfer app

You can transfer text messages, calendars, pictures, music, contacts and much more. The main advantage of using this app is, it supports other platforms like Windows, Blackberry and iOS for transferring folders and files too.

Download App Here

3 >> Xender

To transfer data from one phone to another phone, Xender is one of the best user-friendly apps for Android users. To connect with this app you don’t even need to use any cable or wire, only a hotspot is okay for this. You can easily transfer images, videos, audio, files, documents, games and apps etc.

xender data transfer app

With Xender you can connect up to four different devices in parallel to use as a data transfer app. It also allows users with cross-platform like Windows and iOS and also with PC without any installation. Users can get up to 40 MB/s speed for transferring large files.

Download App Here

4 >> Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is kind of popular app because of its 256-bit encryption protection while transferring data. You can use this app for free with some ads but you can use the in-app purchases. It is a cross-platform and secure Android data transfer app that lets you transfer the data by entering a special 6-digit code or by scanning the QR code to connect. Also, there is no need for internet or mobile data for and file transfer. Also with the help of a custom link, you can share the data with multiple people.

send anywhere data transfer app

You can also get a unique cloud feature of this app to store the files then share the link with other devices. The transferred data is not on any server and can send any number of files and other data. Send Anywhere is also popular for data transfer up to 50 GB at a single time.

Download App Here

5 >> AirDroid

PCWorld, CNET, BGR, and Lifehacker top websites recommended this AirDroid app as the best data transfer app at a good speed on different networks. This app works for multiple purposes like transferring the files and folders as well as controlling devices wirelessly with their computers. Even after the screen is gone blank you can do your work from your phone smoothly and tack phone from lost. Both steps from Android to PC and vice-versa will work on this app.

Airdroid data transfer app

The most useful feature of this app is that users can get back up to their files while the transfer of data between two devices. The only limitation of using AirDroid is that it does not allow the transfer of data to multiple devices.

Download App Here

6 >> AirMore

Just like the name AirMore is a kind of tool for both iOS and Android smartphones that allows the transfer of data from iOS to Android, Android to Android and Android to iOS. This app also supports images, videos, games, apps, audios and document types file transfer. It comes free of cost and allows its users to move, store, and stream data using an internet connection.

Download App Here

7 >> Zapya

Zapya is another file sharing app in the list known for high-speed data transfer app. Users can easily transfer their data with its cross-platform features such as MAC, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This app also supports QR Based scanner support with up to 4 devices in a row with multiple file types.

you can enjoy Zapya’s one more cool instant messaging feature to share content with a nearby friend circle. With Zapya’s phone replication option, you can also backup and transfer files and folders from old phones to new phones. Zapya is free of cost with no display ads and in-app purchases.

Download App Here

8 >> Bluetooth File Transfer

This app is the most underestimated data transfer app and in reality, it is a fast inbuilt file browser type with a clean user interface. Using the Android Bluetooth File transfer app you can easily share data with a Bluetooth connection. As authorization of incoming connections is mandatory while using this app the files are being transferred with a secure connection. You can do the tasks like copy, paste, move, delete etc in this file browser and also zip and unzip with encryption.

Download App Here

9 >> LG Mobile Switch

This LG Mobile Switch is also a kind of data transfer app that works for iPhone or Android Phone to LG Android Phone. It supports both cable or WiFi-based transfer. You can easily choose the data like messages, call logs, images, videos, documents etc. The app easily transfers the data but the only limitation is that it cannot transfer the data which is stored in the cloud like Google Drive and iCloud.

Download App Here

10 >> Huawei Backup

Huawei Backup is actually for backing up all the important data in any form like contacts, pictures, videos, call records, apps, etc. on a storage device or in the cloud. This backup is encrypted with maximum security and can even be saved in memory cars, USB drivers, or clouds. From the place of storage of data, the data can be easily transferred to any new Android device hassle-free.

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Here is the Top 10 Data Transfer App from Android to New Android 2021 based on users ratings on Google Play Store and if you want to transfer your files you can easily do that.

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