Track Phone by Gmail: Everyone keeps afraid of lost their smartphone. Are you also troubled by losing smartphones? The thing is not just to lose, many times the handset is also afraid to steal.

Now, Question of this fear?

In such a case it will be necessary to activate the tracking system in the phone. To track your phone (Track Phone by Gmail) is necessary to connect to the Internet. Whether the connection is Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Also, Google Account (Means Gmail) is also the most important to track the Android device.

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Track Phone by Gmail, Step by Step Guide

How to Locate Phone Through Google (Track Phone by Gmail)

Most Android phones come with the My Device Feature in today’s date. First, it was known as Android Device Manager. This feature automatically tracks the location of your phone (Track Phone by Gmail).

Track Phone by Gmail, Step by Step Guide

If your phone is lost next time, open the laptop directly or call the friend’s phone and learn about the last location of your phone. You can also ring the phone. Are You Afraid of stealing data? you can lock the phone, or delete all the data. By Using Your Gmail Account (means Track Phone by Gmail).

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Steps to Track Phone by Gmail (By My Device)

In the new Android phone, the My Device Service is already present in the settings app. If not, you can always download the Find My Device app from the Google Play Store.

Track Phone by Gmail, Step by Step Guide

This feature is connected to Google (Track Phone by Gmail) in such a way that it is easy to find any phone for the user. You have to do all these things to use this feature.

  1. Go to Settings, then tap on Security.
  2. Then tap on the device (Phone) Administration.
  3. Active the My device on it. Now you get back to the previous page using the back button on the screen.
  4. After this, use the back button and return to the main settings page.
  5. Now tap on location in settings. Turn on the location through the switches that appear next to the location.
  6. Tap on the mode.
  7. Choose high acutey here. Now go back by tapping the back button.
  8. Now tap on Google Location History. First of all turn your switch.
  9. On this page, turn turn turn on the switch next to the device’s name.

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How to find the phone via Google

If your phone is lost then you can log in to the location of the phone by logging from your Google Account to any computer. For this, any other handset can also be used.

Track Phone by Gmail, Step by Step Guide
  1. Launch the web browser on the phone, tablet or computer.
  2. If the default page is Google then it is good. If not, go to Google’s page.
  3. Now type the My Phone (Track Phone by Gmail) in Google Search Bar.
  4. You will get the option of the My device. Generally, this option comes first in the search bar.
  5. Now enter your email address and then use the password.

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Find My Device Android (Track Phone by Gmail)

Your phone will be in the same location. You have three options to choose.

  1. Ring the Phone Option: If you have put a phone in the house and you are not able to find it, then select the option of ring your phone. If you do this, your phone will start coming. Tell that if the phone can be silent then it will ring.
  2. Lock Your Phone: If you want, you can lock your phone. By doing so, you will be able to stop your phone from using an unwanted person’s home screen. This feature is extremely effective for those who did not secure the phone from the passcode or fingerprint sensor.
  3. Erase Your Phone: The option of Erase Your Phone (Erase Your Phone) should be used only when you feel that you will not get the phone back. All the data on your phone will disappear only to use this option.

If you are not able to go to locate your phone through the Find My Device, then one reason can be an internet connection. Maybe your phone does not connect to Wi-Fi or network. In such a way you have been trying again and again. As soon as the phone will link to the network. He will look at the map.

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