If you are an Android or iPhone smartphone user you must aware of the popular crowdsourced caller-ID software Truecaller. But many times this software has been in concern for the user’s privacy issues. And this is why this application grabs all your contact numbers and name with that number. It also saves the email IDs as well as the location of the user to provide our services. It is useful for you when someone calling you is not in your contact, you can see the name ofcaller. But due to privacy issues if you want Truecaller unlist your phone number from the company database.

So from here you can see the steps to deactivate your account. And then the request will go to company to remove it from their databbase.

Remove (Unlist) Your Phone Number From Truecaller Database

Truecaller makes it easier to recognise scammers, spammers, cold callers, telemarketers and blocked spam calls, but it needs a premium plan. Also if you are not registered with this platform you also see your number their with your name. And this because someone using it from your contact list and they have allowed for cantact syncing. This is uploaded vis phone’s IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and this is unique id of handset. And you want your privacy back then follow these steps below for Truecaller Unlist phone numbers. Due to this, you will be able to remove you number from company database.

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Step>> 1: Deactivate Truecaller Account

Note: This process is workable for both Truecaller user ans non Truecaller user. So if you are not a Truecaller user and want Truecaller unlist your number then skip the step one and go to step second.

.. Now open the Truecaller Application and tap on the three line hamburger type menu on the top left side. Here after slide the menu click on the settings.

Truecaller Unlist

.. Now here in settings, click on the Privacy Center, and now select to deactivate on the next slide and click on the confirm button when asked.

Truecaller Unlist

Note: On iOS, tap on the profile avatar on the top-left corner on Truecaller homepage, and then go to Settings > Privacy Center > Deactivate.

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Step>> 2: Unlist Phone Number From Truecaller Database

.. Follow the link to go on the official Truecaller Unlist Page so that you can request for de-listing your number. Now select your country code and enter the phone number you want to remove. Before clicking on the submit button solve a security captcha code.

Truecaller Unlist

.. After clicking on the submit button for Truecaller Unlist, you will receive a message that will sayyour number will be unlisted from the company’s searchable database within 24 hours.

Truecaller Unlist

You can come back after one or two days to confirm your number has been removed or not, if still the response is same. Then it may be reason that your device have been cached that information. You can easily delete your cached searches in your phone settings, Apps, Truecaller.

Reclaim Your Digital Privacy By Removing Your Number From Truecaller

So the task has been completed of Truecaller unlist your number, but one thing to notice here that this process will only delete your info from company database. But while calling your number it will show the name instead but if someone try to search about you with number then they will not find anything.


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