A new social media platform that describes itself as a “Non-Bias Social Network” has launched named Gettr and it is launched by former President Donald Trump. 

The Social Media platform called Gettr is in both stores – Apple App Store (For iPhone users) and Google Play store (For Android Users) as of Thursday afternoon. 

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Launched The Gettr After Donald Trump account Banned on Facebook and Twitter

The launch of the social media network Gettr comes after mainstream platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, take action to suspend or say ban the former president’s social media handle after the January 6 riot in the USA. 

Trump's Team launched its own Social Media Network Gettr

The Former President of USA Donald Trump campaign aide Jason Miller is leading the effort behind the new Social Media Network Gettr. 

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The app is rated “M” for mature in the app stores, so the recommended age is 17 years old and up (In the USA). For Indian users, it is 12 years on the play store. 

Trump's Team launched its own Social Media Network Gettr

Operationally, the application feels like Twitter, with users able to scroll to different posts as well as like and “repost” them like twitter retweet. There’s also an option for gettr users to scroll through “trending” topics like other social media handles.

Till Now, it is not clear whether Donald Trump will join the new Social media platform launched by his own team.

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The second time, When Donald Trump Launches the Social Media Platform

In May 2021, Donald Trump launched a website to share blog posts to communicate with his supporters/fans. The site was short-lived, shutting down less than a month after its launching date.

Trump's Team launched its own Social Media Network Gettr

Maybe you know that Former president Trump was permanently banned by Twitter. 

Facebook has announced last month that the Facebook would suspend Trump’s handle until at least January 7, 2023, a full two years after he was first barred from the Facebook platform, and at that time reevaluate whether the “risk to public safety” of restoring Trump’s account has abated. 

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