Micro-blogging platform Twitter has started a bug bounty contest to further improve its platform and find any bugs in it, in which a maximum reward of $ 3,500 (approximately Rs 2,60,327) will be given by the company. The main purpose of this contest is to find out any flaw in Twitter’s algorithm by security researchers.

Rumman Choudhury, director of software engineering at Twitter, said that in May, we made our algorithms (also known as our image cropping algorithms) public to identify any glitches and we took our work to the next level. Made your code available for others to reproduce. “We want to take this work a step further by inviting and encouraging the community to help identify the potential pitfalls of this algorithm,” Choudhary said.

According to Choudhury, he is inspired by how research and the hacker community have helped the security sector establish best practices to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to protect the public. He further said that we want to create such a community which is focused on machine learning and which can help us to identify any error.

The winner of the bug bounty contest will get this much reward

The main objective of this contest is to reduce the hassle. Twitter said in its blog post that we want you to bring to the fore the damages affecting anyone from Twitter users to customers or Twitter itself. The winners of this bug bounty contest will be named in a workshop organized by Twitter on 8th August. The winning team will be given a cash prize by HackerOne which will be as follows…

Twitter is giving you a chance to win thousands of dollars
  • $3,500 to the first winner
  • $1,000 to the second winner
  • $500 to the third winner
    $1,000 to the Most Innovative Winner
    $1,000 for Most Generalize (this applies to all types of algorithms)

Those participating in this challenge can participate till 11:59 pm on August 6, 2021.

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