Twitter can be annoying sometimes when trollers tag you in all their tweets or in their comments. If you want to stay from it, the one and only option you have is report that tweet and eventually lock that person from following. That is not a convenient option at sometime, Twitter is working on a feature to help you to Unmentioned. 

The Unmention feature has been teased by Twitter product designer Dominic Camozzi in a recent post, showing how the feature is expected to work. Unmention works similar to how Facebook lets you untag yourself from someone else’s post. If someone mentions or tags you in their tweet, you will have an option remove your tag from their post.

Twitter Unmention could be a blessing for everyone

Dominic Camozzi does not says about an exact timing for the feature as Twitter is currently taking feedback from users. However, if it makes it to production.

The idea is simple. Every time someone mentioned you in their tweet, the Twitter will let you “unmention” or untag yourself from that tweet. If the app detects that multiple conversations doing the same thing, it will notify you of the same and offer the same “unmention” features to help yourself. 

Twitter Will Allow You to Untag Yourself From Unwanted Tweets and Conversations soon

Unmention feature can not only remove your name from that conversation but can also let you prevent that person from mentioning you in their post in the upcoming future. You can also either prevent someone from tagging you for a limited time (For Small time period) or for forever (All time). This won’t let block that follower or person or mute them. 

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This feature is like Facebook’s untag feature that has been around for many years. This is along with the “limiting replies” feature will help users to prevent trollers bombarding on your conversation with useless stuffs and items.

This feature is still in conceptualisation stage and it remains to be seen whether it arrives on the app, and eventually on the web version of twitter. 

This Unmention feature on twitter usrs has been long in demand and it is certainly a positive sign for a huge number of members on twitter. Since, Twitter is keen on satisfying old demands.

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