In today modern world smartphone comes with an IP rating for dust and water resistance. But it’s not a good idea to test an expensive phone by dunking it underwater. So in the Android developer community. A developer builds an app that checks that the phone is still water-resistant or not. So let’s begin the water resistance testing of the android phones.

Water Resistance Testing (App)

The developer named Raymond Wang created the app Dubbed Water Resistance Tester. Where it basically uses the barometric pressure sensor of Android smartphone’s to test the resistance of water. So this app works with the physical pressure and measures the minute differences. To determine how smartphones are intact or not with their water-resistant seal.

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To measure the water and dust resistance mostly smartphone comes with IP68 or IP67 rating these days. But after using the long time the dust resistance and water-resistant get compromised by the seals, that are used to prevent water.

That’s why nobody wants to test their Android smartphone water resistance testing directly inside underwater. So we are here with the Ray W creation water resistance tester app that will check it more safely.

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How Does the Water Resistance Testing App Work?

The first time, when you will open this testing app, it will ask you to leave your smartphone idle for a while. After that users need to press their thumb on that marked point of the screen and then press the button.

Following this, the app measures the minute pressure differences with a varying degree of accuracy to test whether the water-prevention seals are intact or not.

Water Resistance Testing

Also if you are doubtful about the app test results. Then you can easily test that app when removing your sim card and check if it is giving a negative result. If you get the resulting negative, then be sure that this water resistance testing app is working fine on your device.

Water Resistance Testing

So if you are also a user of an IP-rated long time used Android device, then go for this water resistance testing app. And check if your devise seals are intact or not. You can easily find this app with a good rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. Also, this is not for Apple users now.


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