Just as exercise and proper diet are needed to keep our body healthy, in the same way Antivirus is needed to protect any device from unknown dangers, it works in the same way as in a body. immunity works

By connecting many types of devices to the computer or using the Internet, many such viruses come, due to which the computer hangs or even gets damaged, to avoid them, we use Antivirus in the computer which removes the virus. Along with preventing them from entering the computer, it also eliminates them, let’s see what is Antivirus.

What is Antivirus ? How it's Work?
What is Antivirus ? How it’s Work?

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What is Antivirus?

Antivirus is a type of program or it can also be called software, whose main function is to find and eliminate malware or spyware viruses hidden in the computer, as well as when we install a device in our computer or on the Internet. Many types of viruses can cause damage to our device, that is why we use this in our device.

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There are many types of viruses on the Internet, due to which the speed of our computer can be very slow or our system can also be damaged. Viruses are mainly Malware, Spyware, Ransomware etc.

What is Antivirus ? How it's Work?
What is Antivirus ? How it’s Work?

How does Antivirus Work?

As you know that Antivirus is also a program or software, the main reason behind its working is that it scans its database in the form of a file, if any file is found in the database again, it will call it Virus.

This program scans the new application installed by the user, if any kind of virus is present in it, then it prevents it from installing.

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When the program recognizes a virus, it publishes it in front of the user as a notification, so that it is known how and where the virus has come from, along with the user also comes to know that the virus which file is linked.

There are some options in the notification given by the program, which the user can choose according to his convenience.

What is Antivirus ? How it's Work?
What is Antivirus ? How it’s Work?

Features of antivirus

The program mainly has many features, with the help of which it provides protection to the device, you can understand it in detail in the steps given below.

Full Scan

After the software is installed, he scans the entire system, he tries to find whether any type of virus is already available in the system, if he finds the virus, then he shows the notification to the user which user wants. processes it accordingly.

What is Antivirus ? How it's Work?
What is Antivirus ? How it’s Work?

Background Scanning

Once a system or device starts, then the program present in it also starts, which even if we close it, it continues to run in the background, this is because we keep doing many types of activity in our system.

And this function of program is that it can monitor the activity done by the user so that any type of virus cannot enter the device.

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Antivirus vs Virus

  • Virus works in the same way as a disease works in our body and Antivirus works in the same way as medicine works in our body.
  • Viruses enter the system without taking the permission of the user, whereas antivirus is installed in the system according to the wishes of the user.
  • There are many types of viruses, the structure of the software of antivirus is similar.
  • A similarity is found in Virus and Antivirus that both of them are made by humans which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Uses of Antivirus

  • This has many uses, the main one being used to protect transactions.
  • The use of this proves to be very useful in the field of bank because the problems related to internet banking or phishing are increasing very much in today’s time, we use this to reduce them.
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  • By using this, we can protect the data of our device which prevents many types of harmful virus caused by connecting internet or any other device.
  • Hard Disk can be saved by using this.
What is Antivirus ? How it's Work?
What is Antivirus ? How it’s Work?

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Disadvantages of antivirus

The main disadvantage of this ,that’s requires computer memory to work, due to which the speed of the computer is deeply affected and the speed of the computer slows down.

What is Antivirus ? How it's Work?
What is Antivirus ? How it’s Work?

Storage issues

This may sound strange to you but it is true because any program needs memory to run which it takes from the same device in which it is installed.

Skipping of Files

Programs sometimes skips files in scanning the system, due to which the security of our system is affected and there is a risk of virus entering.

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Free Software

  1. Avast
  2. AVG
  3. Avira
  4. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
  5. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free
  6. Microsoft Windows Defender
  7. Sophos Home Free


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