What is CMS (Content Management System)

If you are going to develop your website then CMS must have come in front of you. Let us know what is CMS and how it works. Actually, CMS is software that allows you to design, edit and publish content. CMS software was initially used to manage documents and local computer files. But now most CMS systems are designed specifically to manage content on the web.

What is CMS Full Form

CMS is a short form whose full form is Content Management System (CMS – Content Management System).

What does a CMS do

The job of a CMS is to provide an easy user interface for creating and modifying the content of the webpage. CSM also provides a web design tool, which allows one or more users to publish updates live to the web. It eases the web development process.

  • It helps to create a new website easily
  • CMS provides a full template support, without changing any of the content.
  • It is very easy to use, such as drag and drop
  • This provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly URL
  • It also provides admin panel based on multiple language support
CMS Full Form

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Types of CMS with CMS Full Form

Web Content Management System

Organizations that distribute most of their content over the Internet. Companies that use e-guides instead of paper instructions, for example, may use WCMS to update older product manuals as well as develop new guides. This is also a CMS Full Form for web-based content.

Digital Asset Management System

This content management software is dedicated to multimedia management and graphic – not text. Graphic design, photography and film companies often benefit from a digital management system because of the work they do specifically.

Document Management System

This is also a CMS full form for the document-based file system. Instead of focusing on the details of the content, it focuses on the content at the file level (for example, a Word or PDF document). It tracks, for example, who modified documents, but also controls who can access and update documents. Many organizations use it to ensure essential content such as branding guidelines.

The best example of document CMS is Google Drive, One Drive etc and this is also CMS full form for managing documents.

Enterprise Content Management System

This type of content management system takes a global approach to managing content. It can handle your emails, documents, instant messages, and other electronic files.

Corporations and large organizations rely on it to strengthen their content and improve their productivity by producing new internal documents as well as materials for their customers.

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Top Daily Used CMS Software

WordPress CMS

WordPress is definitely the most popular CMS in the world. The script is more focused on blogs than a typical CMS.

Wordpress CMS

It is built modern and comes with thousands of plugins. As this open source script is the first choice of most bloggers, it can be easily used for designing simple websites. WordPress is the best example and the best CMS full form for the technical world.

Shopify CMS

Shopify CMS Full Form

Shopify is also a content management system based on e-commerce business. It provides a full features CMS where you can easily list your products online with their description, categories as well as images. This is based on Ruby programming language and if you go for this CMS you don’t have to worry about your website SEO. Because they give you everything under one package. They also take care of your backend database as well as servers.

Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS

It is an open-source content management system used to create modern and dynamic websites. Site owner To simplify content management for Joomla, your website connects to the database using MySQL or PostgreSQL.
Joomla has always been the primary focus of being easy to use and having the ability to be widely built. Since 2005, Joomla has won numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Packet Open Source Content Management System Award.

Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS

It is the best platform for web content management among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions and NGOs. Flexible and highly scalable, publish a single website or share content in multiple languages across multiple devices. Technology and business leaders can transform content management into powerful digital solutions with Drupal.


I hope you have understood everything about Content Management System and CMS full form. Many types of CMS and their use.


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