Google, in our day to day lives, plays an important role, be it any field from searching anything for information to assigning something to someone, doing a business or anything which we do google is everywhere. The company’s name became so ubiquitous that it entered the lexicon as a verb: to google became a common expression for searching the Internet.

What is Google and Google Full Form

It is hard to think of a life without Google, we are that much dependent on this search engine and its other products. Interestingly I’m currently writing this article on google docs. You get the point. Was it easy? How did it all start? Who built this? Anything you need to know I’m possibly going to cover in this article, let’s start-

Google- Google LLC (a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.) is an American search engine company, previously known as Google Inc. (1998–2017) was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,”. The motto of Google “Don’t be evil” was replaced in 2015 to “Do the right thing”.

Google Full Form

The full form of Google which is most commonly known is “Global Organization of Orientated Group Language of Earth”. Perhaps you also already know the full form of Google. By the way, I have heard many people asking for the answer to this question, and perhaps you have got the answer to this question now.

Google Full Form

It may sound a bit strange, but there is no official full form of Google that Google uses.

The word Google is derived from a mathematical word that is derived from “Googol.” Googol means 1 with 100 zeros and whenever you search a query on Google search engine, typing Goooooooooooogle comes down. This means the word Google contains 100 zeros.

How it all Started- 

Google Full Form
  • In 1995 Larry Page ( a Ph.D. student at Stanford University) met Sergey Brin.
  • Together they started working on a search engine called BackRub in 1996.
  • BackRub was named from the algorithm-generated ranking for how many “back-links” a page has. 
  • Before clogging up bandwidth the search engine worked for almost a year on the Stanford servers.
  • On September 15th, 1997 was registered.
  • The name Google was derived from the word “googol,” which is a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. 
  • Stating that it reflects the founders’ mission to organize the infinite amount of information on the internet.
  • Page launched a monthly (In 1998),  newsletter called “Google Friends Newsletter” to inform fans about the company. 
  • After seeing a quick demo on the porch of a Stanford faculty member’s home in Palo Alto (In August of 1998), Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a check for $100,000 to Google Inc. Which wasn’t a existaning company yet and it was the first funding of it.
  • These bullet points can also be as reason for a specific Google Full Form

Some other Famous Google Full Form

God’s Own Official Guide to Locating Everything – (Google)

Global Online Options and Greatly Linked Education – (Google)

Giving Opinions & Options Generously Linked Everywhere – (Google)

Go Online or Go Look Everywhere – (Google)

Gracious Opinions of God’s Living Entities. – (Google)

From Garage to Googleplex-

Google Full Form

The story of rising of google is an inspiration in itself. Let’s have a look at the sequence of events that shaped Google as it is today.

  • Google was incorporated as a private company on September 4th, 1998.
  • The founders opened a bank account and could finally deposit Bechtolsheim’s investment.
  • Google’s first office was, classically, a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. It came with a remote controller for the garage door.
  • The first employee Google hired was Craig Silverstein, who stayed with the company for more than ten years before joining another startup – Khan Academy.
  • In 1999, Google moved from its humble garage to new digs at 165 University Avenue, Palo Alto. This time with eight employees.

The Market establishment of Google

Page and Brin originally did not want to be business owners. After developing their initial search engine they tried to raise investment or sell the company. After failing to find a buyer, they finally went to Yahoo!. Was one of the big names then which turned them down. Although it eventually merged with Verizon in 2017, marking the end of an era for a company that once almost defined the internet.

At the time the search directories were designed to answer questions by Yahoo! Seems to work well. They rejected the chance to buy the PageRank algorithm (the basis for Google Search today) which was based on ranking links of third parties. Today we know the importance of those third-party links. 

Google’s rise

Another Marker that makes Google stand its foot was acquiring Applied Semantics, and it has been the biggest contributor to its current success. Using the software developed by Semantics, Google built its own pay-per-click service. 

After refusing six offers to purchase the fledgling company, Oingo changed its name to Applied Semantics and accepted the seventh offer – from Google – for around $102 million in cash and stock. They are now known as Google AdSense.

Today, Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent company), is listed on NASDAQ with a market capitalization of around $560B. 

To handle this massive amount of data, Google has built 11 data centres across the world, each with hundreds of thousands of servers (basically, multiprocessor personal computers and hard drives mounted in specially constructed racks). Google’s interlinked computers are likely to number in the millions. The core of Google’s business, on the other hand, is based on three proprietary pieces of computer code: 

  1. Google File System (GFS), handles the storage of data in “chunks” across several machines 
  2. Bigtable, the company’s database program, and 
  3. MapReduce, used to generate higher-level data (e.g., putting together an index of Web pages that contain the words “New Delhi,” “Parliamentary,” and “program”).

Father of Google

The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When he got his PhD. They started working at Google as a research project. Then, as a result of their success, They got this Google today.

Google’s other services

Google Full Form

from starting as a search engine to now almost in every area from software to hardware to social media google has come a long way, here is the list of services it offers-

Google Video and YouTube- 

Google’s expansion is mostly and largely fueled by keyword-based Web advertising, providing it with a sound footing to compete for dominance in new Web services. One of these was the delivery of video content. Google launched Google Video, In January 2005, which enabled individuals to search the close-captioned text from television broadcasts. 

A few months later Google began accepting user-submitted videos, with submitters setting the prices for others to download and view the videos.

Google cloud computing services, Google play store, email services through Gmail, Google Adword, Adsense, online advertising services by AdMob, various computer applications, mobile applications and Android operating systems that most of us use. That too has been provided by Google itself.


I hope now you have got a clear idea about Google and Google Full Form and everything related to google.


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