Friends, if you are a mobile user then you must have heard a little bit about SMS. That with this you can send a short message to your friends. Like SMS, there is another messaging service called MMS, which you must have seen on your phone. And you may have tried to send MMS.

So in this article, we have given you complete information about Multimedia Messaging Service i.e. MMS, after reading this you will know everything about What is MMS full form, what is MMS, what is the meaning of MMS? How does MMS work? etc., after this, you will be able to send MMS from your phone very quickly.

What is MMS Full Form

The full form of MMS is Multimedia Messaging Service. This technology is very similar to SMS in which you can send text messages, but through MMS you can also send text messages as well as multimedia content such as videos, photos, GIFs, audios, and contacts etc.

What Is MMS in simple words

MMS Full Form

MMS is known as Multimedia Messaging Service. Using MMS, you can send and receive audio clips, video clips, contacts pictures, GIFs, and more in your messages, plus you can include up to 1,600 characters in each MMS message. MMS was invented as a 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

In MMS, you can send messages with more than 160 characters, 14 seconds of video, photos, audio and phone numbers. There is a limit of 160 characters in standard SMS. If your SMS becomes 160+ characters then your SMS Will be automatically converted into MMS.

For example, when you compose a text message, it will send with the help of Short Message Service (SMS). But when you add any video, image, graphic etc. With that text message then it will be sent through MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

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How does MMS system works 

The phone to which the MMS need to send triggers a data connection that provides TCP/IP network connectivity usually over General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). The sending phone creates an HTTP POST to the Multimedia Messaging Service Center encoding. The MMS message in the MMS Encapsulation Protocol is defined by the Open Mobile Alliance. Encoded MMS messages include all the contents of the MMS message along with header information, including a list of intended recipients for the message. Here is describes its own MMS full form for the Multimedia as Multiple media.

In most environments, HTTP POST can be routed that uses a proxy server. Some devices use WP-HTTP (Wireless Profile HTTP) and TCP through a WAP 2.0 proxy server. While other devices may use the wireless session protocol through a traditional Wireless Application Protocol [WAP] proxy server/gateway. The MMSC receives the submitted MMS message and then verifies the sender of the message. MMSC stores the content of the MMS message, and it is available as a URL link that is dynamically generated.

MMSC generates an MMS notification, which is sent via WAP push over SMS to the recipients of the message. This MMS notification message contains a URL pointer to the dynamically generated MMS content. The recipient receives the MMS notification message and then initiates a data connection that provides TCP/IP network connectivity which is usually over GPRS. The receiving phone receives an HTTP (or wireless session protocol) from the MMSC to retrieve the MMS message content URL.

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What is the use of MMS

Friends, the MMS full form is Multimedia Messaging Service. Which you can use to send normal messages as well as send multimedia content like photos, GIFs videos, audio. In MMS, you get a limit of 1,600 characters, due to which you can send longer messages than SMS. Due to the permission of multimedia content, you can share things like photos, videos with your message.

Difference between SMS and MMS

MMS Full Form
The MMS full form is Multimedia ServiceSMS full form is Short Message Service
MMS provides a total limit of 1600 charactersAnd SMS only provides 160 character limits
Images, Audio, Video is allowed to share via MMSOnly text-based content is allowed via SMS
MMS package is not available to free with any internet packageEvery internet pack provide free SMS


I hope you would have understand what is MMS Full Form and how this mechanism works and also the difference.


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