When you must have heard the name of satellite phone or read these titles. Then you must be thinking that what is the difference between satellite phones and normal mobile phones. And what is a satellite phone? How is it different from a normal mobile phone and from where can you buy it? and What is BSNL Satellite Phone, What is Satellite Phone Price? Then you will get the answer to all these questions in this post.

As you know that the mobile phone you have right now requires a cell phone tower to connect with the network. And if the tower is not available, then you cannot talk on the phone. Then think that such a place is far away. Or on a hill or in a remote area where it is not possible to assemble a tower. Then how can you make a phone call from there?

If our Indian Army is on the border and it is not possible to assemble a normal tower there, then how will we communicate with each other? Think that if there is any natural calamity, then the tower may not work at that time. For example, if there is a flood in your area, then the tower will not get electricity, then the tower will not work. Then at that time, there will be no signal in your mobile phone, then how will you be able to deliver relief material to the people?

In such a situation, you can use a satellite phone or a BSNL Satellite Phone. Because it does not require a cell phone tower but a satellite to reach the network. Which is outside the earth and it covers the whole earth, then you will not be worried that there is no network in your phone. Because even if you live in any corner of the whole earth, but you will definitely get the network.

Is Satellite Phone or BSNL Satellite Phone available for everyone

BSNL Satellite phone

Yes, it is available for both Government and private people. And just like you give your complete details to the Government to get your mobile number. Similarly, you will have to give all the details to the government to get the satellite phone. And apart from this, special permission will have to be taken separately so that it cannot be used in the wrong place. Let me also inform you that satellite phone service is not provided by all companies. For a few days, Tata Communications had a tender, now BSNL is also providing BSNL satellite phone service.

What is Satellite Phone Price

So if talking about the Satellite phone price it basically depends upon the technology, phone specification and many more attributes. Just like there are multiple options and price ranges in normal mobile phones. So the starting price maybe 10000 to 1.5 Lac or even more based on quality and features.

Now one thing must be going on in your mind that if its network is available all over the earth then why not all people use satellite phones only. So let me inform you that first of all the talk happens slowly because it takes time for the voice to reach. And if we talk about the internet, then it runs very slow. And after this, the cost of talking to it is also high, so the satellite phone is used only for the army and emergency.

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